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WooCommerce PPC

WooCommerce is a WordPress extension (plugin) that turns a WordPress website into a fully functional eCommerce store for selling physical goods, digital products, services, subscriptions, content, accepting payments online, managing deliveries and inventory, offering discounts, and more.

PPC (pay-per-click) is a type of online advertising. It is a way to use the major platforms to generate clicks to a site instead of attracting them organically. A successful PPC campaign delivers immediate visits since the advertiser pays every time someone clicks on the ads. This form of advertising helps businesses avoid investing in huge amounts for traditional advertising that often doesn’t work. This way, you can invest more into perfecting your business and offering, as well as your website. 

There is no marketing campaign that, once launched, works wonders on autopilot. At Canesta, we know how to create a successful WooCommerce PPC campaign, take care of it every step of the way – maintain and grow it, promote it on various channels and constantly monitor and analyze its statistics to make sure it works.


What is WooCommerce PPC? 

Have you seen results on Google marked as advertisements appearing at the top of the Google page? This is Pay-Per-Click advertising. Users are invited to perform a specific action, such as opening a page with a specific product based on a search.

When using organic traffic generation strategies such as SEO and content marketing, you can’t fully predict when you will see the desired results or what they will be. One post can have over 100 visits, and another only 10. The truth is that you are not competing only with other businesses in your niche but also with the search engines’ algorithms, and they are ever-changing. 

At Canesta, we constantly follow the new trends in marketing, SEO, and PPC. We have in-depth knowledge of how algorithms work, and we follow closely their changes, thus instantly adapting and incorporating every novelty. Our goal is to derive maximum results from the PPC campaigns we craft for your business.

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Why does WooCommerce PPC matter? 

With a successful PPC campaign, you can achieve enviable results and see your wishes fulfilled for your WordPress website. With the help of constant monitoring and in-depth analysis, you’ll get a good idea of how your business is developing.

Our WooCommerce PPC experts know how to create a successful campaign to get the maximum and immediately drive traffic to your store, so you can focus on developing your inventory of products or your services.

With PPC ads you will free up a lot of space on your calendar to work on the products and services you offer. It doesn’t take long to launch a PPC campaign. However, if you want it to be successful, it requires a lot of research and planning. Once activated, you will need to spend a minimum of your day maintaining and monitoring it.

We work tirelessly on bringing you the right audience, nurture your prospects, track your conversions, get a constant flow of visits to your landing pages, and more. All this will inevitably lead to an exponential increase in revenue for you.


Thorough Analysis

It is vital to have a thorough analysis of your market, your target audience, keywords, customer behavior, and competition, before launching your WooCommerce PPC campaign. At Canesta, we analyze your rival’s ads and their landing pages. We immediately identify your opportunities, evaluate your potential and provide successful PPC campaign strategies to get the maximum of your advertising efforts. 

Creating and executing a successful keyword strategy will provide a higher quality score for your WooCommerce PPC campaign and improve your CTR (click-through rate). Our team of PPC experts will conduct thorough keyword research before launching your campaign. We’ll identify your potential prospects and create an efficient keyword strategy that fits your WooCommerce store’s needs and provide value to your future customers. 

Campaign Management

Just as with every online campaign, you can’t simply create it and leave it. Proper PPC campaign management will help you get the most out of your PPC campaigns. At Canesta, we know how important it is to ensure that your campaigns are running as they should and are well optimized. We will closely monitor your campaign every step of the way, run tests, find opportunities, and adjust if necessary.

Tracking your conversion rate is an important part of your PPC campaigns. It helps us estimate the success of your campaigns and discover more effective ways to increase your conversions. Our PPC experts will use sophisticated tools to drive more potential customers to your WooCommerce store, optimize your campaigns, and ultimately increase your conversion rates exponentially. 

Canesta’s PPC grew a CBD brand in a restricted industry

In a year, Canesta’s PPC campaigns have achieved a $158 increase in paid traffic to Botanicam’s website. Our PPC experts utilized their creative power and know-how to bring these fascinating results to a CBD brand despite it being in a restricted industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I use Pay-per-click for my WooCommerce? 

As Google constantly updates its algorithms, growing organic traffic fast becomes more and more elusive. That’s why having pay-per-click advertising for WooCommerce is essential if you want to drive more potential customers to your online store. At Canesta, we know how to implement the right keywords strategies and advertising techniques to save you that desirable spot at the top.

How is WooCommerce PPC different from WooCommerce SEO?

The main difference between PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns for WooCommerce and WooCommerce SEO is that the latter will boost your traffic over time, whereas a successful PPC campaign (pay-per-click ads) is meant to lead to instant traffic and deliver your potential leads. We craft successful PPC campaigns that will provide fast results.

How can I make my visitors stay longer in my WooCommerce store?

Many factors need to be considered when improving your WooCommerce store so that your potential customers and clients stay longer on your website and browse through. You need to have a professional design that provides an excellent user experience with easy navigation and valuable content. At Canesta, we know how to create a user-friendly website that includes all the necessary touchpoints on the customer’s journey to lead to conversion.

How long does it take to see results from WooCommerce PPC?

A successful WooCommerce PPC campaign requires thorough research, keyword bidding, complex competition analysis, research, and more. Shortly after launching, you should see immediate results from a successful WooCommerce PPC campaign. We will evaluate your WooCommerce store thoroughly, apply necessary adjustments, run tests and analyze complex data to deliver outstanding results from your WooCommerce PPC campaigns.

What is a successful WooCommerce PPC campaign strategy?

A successful WooCommerce PPC campaign will bring quality traffic to your website, consisting of people already looking for your offering. Such campaign strategy includes complex research, successful keyword strategies, high-quality ad copy, and more. At Canesta, we evaluate your WooCommerce store’s user experience, and we analyze all the factors that will help a successful execution of a PPC campaign and implement necessary adjustments. 

Why should I hire Canesta for my WooCommerce PPC?

Our team of experts has an in-depth knowledge of PPC for WooCommerce. We know how to create successful results-driven PPC campaigns that help our clients excel in their niche, increase brand awareness and ultimately generate more revenue through actual conversions. We understand that each online store is unique and has its own specific needs. We create individual PPC campaigns for each business. Our team incorporates the right  PPC and marketing techniques, based on thorough analysis, research, creative and holistic approach, and implementation of the right tools.

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