The competition in the wine and spirits market has never been more intense, making it difficult to stand out from the crowd. To set your brand for success, you should carefully craft your message to ensure consistency in your brand, website, content, and packaging. And we are here to help you do that; we help businesses advance, inspire and champion digital innovation.

What you get

Logo Design and Brand Identity

When it comes to the alcohol industry, being prominent is what matters the most. A thoughtfully designed brand identity is an investment that, when combined with an excellent product, pays off year after year and helps you turn your potential buyers into loyal customers.

At Canesta, we have created a strategic approach that examines your brand from all angles and extends your personality in every aspect of your business. Our experience, creativity, and sincere passion for what we do allow us to make your brand outstanding. And it all starts with getting to know you.

Web Design & Development

In today’s digital world, your website is the first impression potential buyers would have with your business. And you can’t make a first impression twice. That’s why your web design can have an immense effect on your bottom line.

The web is full of ugly and hard-to-use websites. We make sure that your website falls out of this category. As eCommerce experts and BigCommerce certified partners, we help businesses uncover hidden revenues through design and development.

Digital Marketing

Today, we live more online than in the real world. In a sea of millions of sponsored ads and the ferrous competition that the alcohol industry faces, getting your brand noticed gets harder by a minute.

If you want to bear the fruits of online success, professional social media maintenance is a must. And we are here to help you get recognized- our expert approach will see you enjoying substantial returns from a powerful, original campaign across various social media channels.

Social Marketing

In the fast-developing digital world, more and more wineries and breweries understand the special role of social marketing for their business. Today, social marketing greatly contributes to the Wine Industry, increasing brand awareness and delivering well-polished content that captures the right audience.

When adult consumers search for wines, beer, and spirits, they get bombarded with messages. Canesta’s creative team knows that good wine and good beer need the proper presentation for the right audience.

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Brand Identity

A concept. A style. A personality.
Consider what a potential customer would see when doing business with you – bottle, label, logo, invoice, typeface. So, the quality of your brand identity should match the quality of your product; otherwise, there’s a disconnect between what people see and the impression you want to give.
We work with your brand to build a human-centric brand identity where strategy, design, and data work together to achieve better business outcomes and limitless possibilities.

Web Design

Superlative Design with Flawless Execution. A website is the reflection of your business, and that’s why it should accurately match the quality and the professional nature of your brand. There is a formula behind web design – it’s a combination of outstanding visuals, great user experience, and SEO optimization that makes customers and search engines love your brand. Web design should also engage potential buyers at multiple stages of the customer journey on different devices and be adaptable to growing alongside your business. And that’s exactly what we offer – a lead-generating website that out smokes your competitors and sets you up for success.


Product Design and Digital Marketing

More leads. More sales. More revenue. When it comes to the wine and spirits market industry, just existing won’t suffice – there are too many brands out there. The outer layer of your bottle should be outstanding. Consumers buy with their eyes, so we will make sure they do. To make you stand out, we will give your brand the creative strategy and direction it needs. We know a successful campaign needs swift execution and an exciting concept, and we are here to help you with both. We believe that the true growth is derived from offering bespoke services tailored to your business needs. So, if you are looking to develop your business for the long term, we have the experience, creativity, and passion for taking you there.

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