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Why Reputable Marketing Companies Will Never Do Cold Outreach

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”

– Tom Fishburne,
 Founder & CEO of Marketoonist

The more reputable the marketing agency is, the more people would reach out to it without receiving cold emails or calls from them. It is as simple as that. A respectable digital marketing company doesn’t look for clients. It attracts its clients with its reputation, great reviews, successful SEO strategies, word of mouth, generating organic traffic to its website, and lead nurture by constantly providing highly-valuable content. 

“If you build it, they will come” is a great quote from “Field of Dreams”. It is also a holistic approach that works like a charm for a digital agency that wants to have a solid foundation of trust-based relationships with its clients. A self-respected digital marketing company builds a community of companies from various industries, looking up to it for information, know-how, strategies, and services for optimization, boosting digital presence, and increasing their lead generation and customer base. 

Our creative team at Canesta is growth-oriented. We create solid relationships with our clients founded on trust, meaningful communication, and credibility. We provide value and results. Our marketing experts help companies from different industries embark on their growth journey to reach their goals. Our reputation precedes us through great client and partner reviews and our strong online presence. 

We know that reputable marketing agencies would never do cold outreach. They wouldn’t need to contact you out of the blue to offer you their services. You would know about them through various channels if they have a strong online and offline presence, through other companies who have left them great reviews, and you would like to work with them after learning more about their amazing reputation. 

What is Cold Outreach? 

Cold outreach is a way of reaching out to potential prospects, without previous contact, by using email or other means of communication. You probably have received dozens of emails that offer you their digital marketing services and tell you how great they are at what they do. Usually, these emails show that the sender is only interested in what they are selling and not what you actually need. These emails show primarily that the sender is interested only in pitching and nothing else.

Cold outreach emails can have a higher open rate than opt-in marketing emails for different industries. According to outreach.io, “the open rate for cold outreach emails is 27%, which is 10% higher than the lowest average of automated email providers,” but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee engagement and sales. And it surely doesn’t apply to marketing services.

What Does a Reputable Marketing Company Do?  

As we mentioned before, a reputable marketing agency would work on building trust and creating strong relationships with its potential and existing clients. 

A well-respectable digital marketing company would have a state-of-the-art, high-performing website, a great niche strategy, creative advertising, social media presence, and strong audience nurture through valuable content. A respectable digital marketing company would be on track with the latest successful on-site and off-site SEO strategies and techniques and would have successfully implemented them. It means that it would generate a constant heavy flow of organic traffic to its website, excluding the need to reach out to potential prospects via cold calls or cold emails.

But don’t believe us just yet. Let’s check the data. As the saying goes: Numbers speak louder than words. If the average cold email response rate is 1%, according to statistics, meaning that out of 100 people you email, you will get a response from 1 person, and you would be bothering the other 99. 

Our expert SEO team doesn’t ignore the positive aspects of cold outreach. We know that it is a great way to market certain goods and services. However, we find that highly ineffective and even degrading for reputable marketing companies. At Canesta, we strive to provide value and create solid relationships with our prospective and existing clients. Our goal is to tailor successful, unique marketing strategies that boost our clients’ sales through the roof, reveal their true potential, and solidify their strong online presence.

Who Is Cold Outreach Suitable For?

Cold outreach emails are great for startup businesses and B2C or B2B companies who want to reach more potential clients and customers. It is an effective marketing strategy to gain more sales and promote services and products, ultimately leading to more sales. 

One of the main differences between good cold emails and spam is personalization. You have to attract the attention of your prospects and trigger their interest to learn more about your offering. 

When done right, cold outreach can be highly effective. For instance, if you offer B2B or B2C services and products, you can successfully increase your sales via cold outreach. Another huge mistake we find other companies do, is discussing ROI in their cold email outreach. According to gong.io, it decreases success rates by 15%. If you want to engage with your prospects, you have to include context – show them that they have a problem and you are the solution to that. Be persuasive and make and show how valuable your offering is and how it can make a difference. It works for almost every industry, apart from marketing and SEO.

Our results speak for themselves. At Canesta, we value our customers and their time. We offer marketing solutions and exponential sales increase, tailoring digital marketing techniques and creating websites according to their industry specification and in line with the new innovative trends. We treat our clients’ business the same way we treat our company and our industry – with respect. That’s why we don’t do cold outreach, as it simply doesn’t serve our reputation. 

Where Can You Go Wrong with Cold Outreach?

Don’t send cold outreach emails from your domain. You can send opt-in newsletters or other valuable information to your prospects. Use your email marketing list and send your emails through MailChimp, Klaviyo, or other email marketing platforms. If you send emails from your domain, you risk harming your reputation if the people you send your emails to flag it as spam. And imagine 10 000 people flag your emails as spam? It can seriously harm your website and your business. 

Cold Outreach – How to Do It Right? 

Build trust before you start selling to your prospective customers. There’s no better way around it than building a relationship with your customers. If you don’t want to be among the many other annoying emails, you need to ease up your prospects into trusting you first and foremost. Show respect for your customers’ time. They will be reading your emails after all. You need to send clear and to-the-point messages. Make the emails mostly about them. Show them that you care and you want to give them actual value. 

How to Warm Up Your Cold Outreach Emails? 

You can improve your cold reach by adding as much personalization to your emails as possible. Add a little humor and make the text memorable. Provide value to your prospects, and it’s best not to make it all about you or what you’re selling. Find out what your prospective customers are looking for and talk about them and their needs. Show them that you are ready to help them and make their life easier and happier. People are mostly interested in information that’s about them, so give them exactly that. 

How Many Times Should You Send Cold Emails? 

According to marketers, the average number of emails you should send as cold outreach is about three to four over a few weeks. They are enough to see if your potential customer is interested in your offering or not. Any more emails than this will likely be a waste of time. Our professional team of marketers suggests sending weekly emails since they are most effective. However, at Canesta, we do thorough research of your niche, and we act according to your brand’s specifications and your customers’ needs.

In Conclusion 

A reputable marketing agency doesn’t need to reach out to clients through cold emails or cold calls. It would invest time, effort, and knowledge into building the solid foundation of its strong online presence, successful SEO strategies, and techniques that will bring constant organic traffic. A well-known digital marketing company has its reputation and work speak for itself, and most of all, have outstanding reviews from clients and partners.