Why Migrate Your B2B Store to BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a powerful eCommerce platform known for its robust capabilities, customization options, and scalability. Recognized globally, it offers a compelling solution for businesses of all sizes. In the B2B sector, where unique requirements and complexities often surface, BigCommerce stands out for its B2B-specific features, user-friendly interface, and flexibility. With an array of built-in functionalities, such as customer segmentation, price customization, easy-to-manage product catalogs, and wholesale order management, BigCommerce aims to provide a seamless digital commerce experience. Understanding this platform is crucial for B2B businesses contemplating a digital shift or a platform migration. By gaining insight into what BigCommerce has to offer, B2B businesses can make an informed decision about whether it’s the right fit for their specific needs and objectives.

Advantages of Migrating Your B2B Store to BigCommerce

Embracing digital transformation has become a necessity for B2B businesses in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Migrating to BigCommerce offers several advantages that align perfectly with this shift. Here are two top advantages of using BigCommerce B2B Edition:

Scalability: Designed with adaptability in mind, BigCommerce enables easy integration with vital business systems like ERP, PIM, CRM, etc., thanks to its flexible and robust APIs. It’s built to scale, allowing you to swiftly incorporate new channels, regions, or tech partners as per your business requirements.

Speed: Begin swiftly and evolve quicker. As an agile, user-friendly platform, BigCommerce reduces overheads and upkeep costs, empowering you to focus your resources on growth and customer satisfaction.

Unified B2B & D2C Operations: Manage all your B2B client accounts while simultaneously running a powerful B2C e-commerce channel, all under the same roof. Guarantee a uniform experience for customers across both B2B and B2C channels.

Contemporary Shopping Experience: Offer the user-friendly, consumer-like shopping journey that your B2B buyers now demand. Enhance your customers’ buying journey by delivering an immersive and straightforward shopping experience.

BigCommerce B2B Edition Feature Highlights

In addition to the B2B functionality supported by the native BigCommerce Pro and Enterprise plans, the B2B Edition includes:

Control Over Payment Method Visibility: The ability to include, modify, display, or conceal approved payment methods for customers, and restrict particular groups to certain payment methods.

Establishment of Buyer Roles and Permissions: Enable customers to develop a comprehensive corporate account profile while simultaneously setting up various levels of buyers, each having distinct roles and permissions.

Invoice Portal: Provide a user-friendly portal where customers can view, manage, and make online payments for invoices using a credit card, ACH, purchase order, or any other payment option.

Sales Representative Facade: The capability to log in as a customer to access shopping lists and quotations, add items to the cart, and place orders on their behalf.

Quote Management: Facilitate customers to request quotes directly from the storefront, while also providing sales the ability to adjust customer-submitted quotes or generate new ones.

Restricted Log-in Access: Control what visitors can view with and without login credentials while also allowing guest and B2C users to apply for a corporate account.

Quick Reorder Functionality: Offer customers a convenient feature to rapidly reorder by showcasing a “buy it again” page that displays previously purchased products with company-specific base prices.

Partner with a BigCommerce Web Development Company

As a trusted BigCommerce Partner, Canesta knows how to adapt BigCommerce offerings to cater to your evolving business requirements. Boasting BigCommerce-certified developers and UX designers, and decades of experience working with various tools, we offer every service necessary to build a platform that develops in tandem with your company.

Our services comprise:

BigCommerce Strategy & Consulting: By formulating a robust strategy and a solid execution blueprint, we ensure the accomplishment of your eCommerce goals.

BigCommerce UX & Responsive Design: We thrive on solving challenging tasks and aim to make each design inventive, every brand stimulating, and above all, remarkable.

BigCommerce Development: We craft fully adaptive and SEO-friendly eCommerce sites, personalized to align with your business requisites and existing workflow.

Store Migration: We will transition your current site to BigCommerce, creating a fresh, unique, and mobile-optimized design for you.

BigCommerce SEO: Partnering with us grants access to the necessary support and expertise to optimize your store’s SEO from inception. Our process starts with analyzing your brand’s online visibility, and developing a keyword strategy in collaboration with you, followed by executing both the On-Page and Off-Page SEO plan.

BigCommerce PPC: We deliver not just clicks but potential customers through precise targeting and conversion tracking. We work with various platforms including Google Ads (Premier Partner), Microsoft Ads (Bing), Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

Email Automation & Nurturing: Win over your audience’s trust and gain lifelong customers with our data-driven email and SMS strategies, detailed research, and actionable insights.

BigCommerce Web Accessibility & ADA Compliance: We ensure complete ADA Title III and Section 508 Compliance.
So strap in, power up, and prepare for a soaring digital transformation – with BigCommerce and Canesta, your eCommerce success will reach interstellar heights! Ready to rocket your business to new frontiers? Don’t hesitate – contact us today and let’s blast off towards unparalleled eCommerce success together!