What You Might Be Missing in Your CBD Oil Enterprise to Win Potential Customers

Today’s customers cannot compare to the traditional ones. Thanks to technological advancement, potential customers have bucket loads of information guiding their purchases. The situation gets a bit trickier for CBD oil enterprises due to the stigma surrounding the product.

You will notice that most of the information available to the clients is unsubstantiated and invalid hence misguided decision making on the part of the customers. Failure to land new customers is also your own doing.

There is an explosion in the CBD oil industry which has brought many players on board. To remain top of the CBD oil business game, you ought, therefore, to attract as many clients as possible.

However, the odds are working against your business. Wondering what the problem is?  Here’s what you may be missing in your CBD oil enterprise to win potential customers.


Ask any company worth their salt and they will tell you the key to winning potential customers is branding. Quality branding will not only create a positive image for your enterprise but also establish and promote trust and reliability.

With the current uncontrolled infiltration of firms in the CBD market, it becomes a challenge for the customers to differentiate between your enterprise and any other. Lack of differentiation is a sure way of losing the potential traffic which your competitors convert into higher sales volume.


Hemp from which you derive CBD oil is federally legal and loaded with multiple benefits even though its marketing remains marred with uncertainties since it is an unregulated product in most areas.

The uncertainties come as a result of the product being characterized by numerous gray areas since it stands in the boundaries of legality.

Therefore, offering misleading promises to customers on the benefits of your oil turns off their interest in your enterprise. The modern customers are way smarter than you think hence you can hardly dupe them into buying.

Target Marketing

Cannabidiol serves various purposes ranging from medical to recreational. For the oil, it helps in management of health problems such as acne, anxiety, heart issues and depression. Additionally, it serves cancer patients in relieving pain and averting symptoms.

Like most CBD marketers, you might have failed to align the CBD oil marketing to your customers’ needs. What compels the modern day customer to purchase is the ability of a product to address their problems.

Targeting on a large group may fail to attract the ideal customer because; you will only touch on a few if any of their pain points. If targeting different classes of customers, ensure your comprehensive marketing strategy focuses on all their needs for which they require the oil.

Core Values

Apart from designing your logo and determining the route your business should take, core values influence customer acquisition and retention. The fact that you lack core values or they are too general to be relatable to the customers explains dwindling customer numbers.

On what principles is your CBD oil business founded? If it is hard coming up with core values, consider your competitive edge and package it in a more appealing manner. Also, identify the vices which your business is against from which you can derive your core values.

Avoid under-selling your business by using terms like cheap and instead refer to your product as affordable, economical, and valuable.


At the mention of the CBD oil, most customers start to think about cannabis and its effect. The truth however is that CBD oil is less intoxicating since it is free of the psychoactive content. The stigma tied to the CBD oil scares away potential customers.

The situation can however change when you normalize the oil to a product which everyone can comfortably use without fear of being judged. Don’t chase first-time buyers with statements like “legal-high” which turn them away from your enterprise without a comeback.

Further, invest in proper packaging that is both easy-to-use and familiar. For marketing, learn your customers’ language and use it to reassure and invite them. It is way easier for the customers to consequently buy from you once they are comfortable.


Even though your goal is to increase your return on investment, establish lasting relations with your potential customers. The journey to such relations starts with the customer feeling understood. So, take time to understand their needs and honestly assure them that cannabidiol oil will solve their problems.

Always follow-up the existing customers while you collect feedback. Assess their satisfaction rates and act on the feedback to improve your customer support. A firm, reliable and effective customer care will bring you more clients.


Every successful organization has an eye-catching story expounding on their brand. A captivating story will help increase potential customers’ faith in your enterprise which is a plus.

Make the story sincere, personal, and precise while at the same time using graspable language to earn customers’ trust. If possible make the customers the key subject in your success story.


How consistent is your organization in its operation? Customers find it less tasking to trust a company whose product, values, and language is consistent. Changing the brand story frequently confuse the customers who opt for competing enterprises.

However, don’t be stuck in obsolete technology for fear of change. Effect the changes while you maintain your brand consistency. Inconsistency breeds fertile ground for decreased sales since you lose customers.

Bottom line

The Cannabidiol or CBD industry continues to blossom everyday despite being in a gray area legally. The oil is best used for skin care, as a food additive, and management of health issues like anxiety.

So, is the popularity of the component not reflecting in your CBD oil enterprise? You will need to restructure your business a little so that all business elements work together for a common goal which is win potential customers.