What Are Time Management Tools and Why Are They The Necessity of the Future? 

In the fast-paced world we live in today, time management has become essential for professionals everywhere, especially for people in the tech industry, SEO specialists, designers, and marketing teams. The topic of time management tools and time tracker apps has become quite relevant. People are working around the clock on various projects every day. And for those who work remotely, it is essential to calculate their valuable time and prioritize different tasks daily, especially when the work on a project is determined by the hours with the corresponding payment per hour.

Do you know how long a task takes you? And do you know how much time your employees take on a task? How do you determine the time needed to complete a project? Do you know which team member has to do the work, and how to estimate the cost most effectively? Many of the answers to these questions lay in the utilization of the right time management tools. 

There are countless tools you can use for this purpose. Some time management apps include a timer that activates when starting a project. Depending on the type of account and the plan selected, some tools provide different reports. It doesn’t matter if you use them to track your work on a project and the time spent, or if you want to do that for your colleagues or employees, these tools show you where you stand in terms of time and efficiency. 

How Do Time Management Tools Work in an Office?

It is more interesting to try and implement such a system in the office, especially when it is full of creative people who do not want to be timed on the clock. However, time is our most valuable resource, so delegating, prioritizing, and executing tasks every day, will help us organize and make sense of our daily activities.

It can also reduce procrastination, which many creative people enjoy, but it isn’t very efficient. Team members can easily see where they struggle, what they need to improve, and how they spend their working hours. 

When it comes to larger teams and planning tasks during the day, the main thing is to plan ahead, which can serve as a buffer in case any complication or unforeseen emergency task comes up.

When you evaluate the results, it is essential to find answers to questions like: “Why did this project (or a specific task) take so long? What went wrong? What led to the situation?” And hence the decisions – how to avoid similar complications in the future. And here we come to the management of the project itself. 

Time Tracking and Project Management Go Hand in Hand

Accurate calculation of hours spent during the day and especially outside can radically change the value of work. It is the basis on which we can prioritize daily tasks, and in the long run – predict the amount of work (the workload) of the team and the deadlines we commit to.

Essentially, time management today is crucial for work. We need to know where we spend time and find a way to improve our efficiency. 

More and more companies look for ways to improve their staff’s time management skills, especially when they work on multiple projects simultaneously and have tight deadlines. Time management tools help a lot with our planning, setting priorities, and execution, which can lead to improvement in the team’s task delegating between its members, organization, and productivity. 

Top 4 Time Management tools 

Here is the selection of our top 4 time management tools that can help improve the time management and efficiency of your team or staff in your company. 


Monday.com, is a collaboration app that brings teams together on a shared platform. It is popular among teams that need to organize, keep track of their daily tasks, delegate work, and manage workflow, avoiding rework. With Monday.com, every team member could see the active projects and things they need to do and analyze their progress. Members can easily pass work to each other and see if someone is unavailable. With this tool, you can customize workflows and check the status of all of your projects at any time. And the best part is that you can seamlessly integrate it with other project management and communication tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Excel, and others. 


Asana is another great time management tool that will help you organize your workflow and have all of your projects at your fingertips. With this tool, you can rest assured that you will hit your deadlines because you will be able to create a plan, place it on the timeline and execute it while also checking the progress of each key initiative in real-time.

Even the most tedious tasks and common things can be placed neatly in templates for the whole team to access at any time. Delegating your tasks and managing your projects has never been easier.  

Toggl Track and Toggl Plan

Toggl Track is one of the three products offered by Toggl, and it is an all-in-one time management and project planning solution for small teams and freelancers. With Toggl Track, you can check your time spent on a project and provide insight into your working progress with your clients. One of the best features that Track offers is reminding you when to clock out and take a rest. It is easy to use and is highly effective. Most freelancers or employees who want to track their own work processes prefer to use Toggl Track. 

Toggl Plan, on the other hand, is a great tool for small teams and creative agencies. It helps teams collaborate easily, structure, plan, coordinate their tasks, and manage their workload. It allows managers to constantly keep track of their team’s working progress and maximize billable time. Each project can be a success – all it takes is good planning, excellent collaboration, and perfect execution. 


Trello is one of the most intuitive all-in-one tools for project and time management for teams. It includes easy-to-use features that help staff members set goals and priorities, assign tasks, keep track of their project’s progress, and customize workflow schedules. 

With Trello, you can create a project board in seconds and keep your team up to date with all of its data, tasks, planning, changes, and other ongoing processes. The tool offers cards, which serve as another organizational feature, where you can divide each task into smaller parts that you can manage, track and share. It is definitely the tool that helps teams move forward. 

The bottom line 

Time management and task delegation are the secret ingredients to efficiency. With the proper tools, you can easily create a productive workforce ecosystem, which will help you and your team stay on top of the game and keep track of projects’ progress and all of their deadlines. 

Time management tools are essential for teams that work on several projects simultaneously. They are crucial for every employee or freelancer who values their time and wants to excel in their line of work.