Top Five Social Media Marketing Tools

Top Five Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media marketing tools are undoubtedly powerful, but how do marketers manage multiple social accounts simultaneously, promote engagement, and analyze and prove their return on investment (ROI)? The simpler answer would be: They invest time and energy in utilizing social media management tools. 

Usually, social media tools are based on knowing how to communicate with your audience in the digital space, where to direct them, and how to prove the value of social media and initiate decision-making. Marketers worldwide advise companies and businesses to invest in social media marketing. 

Today many platforms can drive leads to your website with a few clicks. Nonetheless, social media management is a complex step-by-step process that requires a lot of planning. It includes a vast range of social media marketing techniques, time, effort, and resources.

You’ll manage your time effectively and get better results from your social media marketing by utilizing the right tools.

All social media marketing teams and agencies prefer to leave these time-consuming tasks to the automated solutions provided by the social media marketing platforms. Most of the time, they use all-in-one solution options. 

On the other hand, social media analytics tools alone are usually part of a larger social media management software platform. They collect data from linked accounts, such as engagements, reposts, and responses, and compile them into break-down reports, providing you with information about your brand performance online.

In this article, you will find our top five best social media tools selection recommended for different tasks like scheduling, content curation, analytics, influencing, and even designing. Keep reading to learn more about the usefulness of these tools. 

Social media marketing tools

Here are our top 5 picks for your social media management that will definitely help you engage better with your audience, boost leads, and represent your brand. 


Buffer provides a simpler and easier way to schedule posts and statuses, track the performance of your content, and manage all your accounts from one place. In the 12 years, since its initial release, Buffer has overcome tough competition and enjoys its millions of customers worldwide now. The tool provides all-in-one solutions, including publishing, analytics, and engagement. It allows you to plan, collaborate and execute your social media campaigns with a few clicks. This tool saves you time and effort while also tracking your growth and providing you with helpful insights on where your brand stands.

With an outstanding international support team and a fast-growing list of features, Buffer helps marketers and businesses gain more control over their social media activities and increase their popularity, saving valuable time. This tool offers a free plan, a special application for Android and iOS, scheduled publication of multiple publications simultaneously, and much more. 


SocialPilot is a social media management and automation tool, allowing you to link and manage unlimited social media accounts through a unified dashboard. It currently allows you to link your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

In addition to accounts, you can also integrate Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, and pages, and users can also link LinkedIn groups using this tool. Not many tools on the market are known to provide this feature.

As another all-in-one social media management tool, SocialPilot features social media scheduling, content curation, and RSS feeds automation. It also offers team and client management. SocialPilot allows you to collaborate with your team and assign tasks easily. It also gives your clients peace of mind, enabling them to connect their social media accounts without sharing their credentials. 


Flipboard was launched in 2010 as the world’s first social magazine, allowing its users to access publishers, online sources, social networks, and photo-sharing websites. 

Today, companies heavily rely on social media instruments to help them “curate,” which, in social media, means filtering information through the interesting and relevant content across the websites, news, video, and infographics, on your social channels. Flipboard’s users can “collect” stories and relative content in their field. This tool collects information from social networks, news feeds, and articles, neatly gathering them in a professional magazine format. 

How does it help your business? With this tool’s unique feature, Flipboard bookmarklet, you could create a professional magazine utilizing trustworthy content from various sources. You would then be able to converge and incorporate your unique narrative into the summary of the information you have gathered and share your brand’s story. You can embed your business’s brand content with your videos, press releases, and blog posts – everything you want to share with your clients and customers and present it professionally.


Audiense is another great social media management tool. It provides audience analysis trend analysis within the target audience. It also allows its customers to download data and reports, enabling them to be even more efficient with their insights and content strategies. 

With its campaign insights, Audiense enables its users to plan and execute their creative campaigns, helping them step-by-step through the entire process and providing them with accurate campaign analysis. According to the Audience’s team, this tool delivers 83% ROI by collecting valuable insights of any audience in just hours. 

One of the best features of this tool is that it identifies relevant influencers. Today, influencer marketing is not only about finding the right popular people to promote your brand. It is much more complex than that. It targets the people who are popular with your audience. 

Marketers like this tool because it offers valuable audience-focused strategies and social consumer segmentation. 


Canva is an amazing design tool, easy to use. It allows you to achieve very professional results, even if you do not have a lot of experience. This tool is great for designing quick and easy simple banners for social media. 

One of the positive aspects of this tool is that it has a version of the application for iOS and Android, enabling you to access and edit your projects from your computer and mobile phone.

This is an ideal tool for creating content for your social networks, whether you have a business profile or personal networks. But it is also a good resource for creating popular content, such as infographics or presentations. Although it has great functionality and tons of templates, we still advise professional designers and marketing experts when creating a more complex social media campaign. 

To sum it up… 

Today in the vast digital ocean, it is vital to be heard. Social media management tools are utilized by marketers everywhere, to increase sales and brand awareness. They build his image, vision, communication style, and values. Some multifunctional all-in-one tools save time, increase productivity, generate leads, and bring your valuable content to the right audience. 

One of the best ways for your voice to be heard among the rapidly growing competition is to have an outstanding presence on social media. Social media tools are the vehicles that will drive your business on the path to reaching people’s hearts and staying there for a long time. Digital marketing builds a loyal audience of fans of your brand. It builds a community that shares similar interests and values. Ultimately, it maintains high levels of bilateral engagement.