Top 8 CBD and Cannabis Marketing Agencies

“That’s not a drug. It’s a leaf”
– Arnold Schwarzenegger

The CBD industry has seen unprecedented growth over the past ten years. Economists predict that the segment of CBD oil alone will reach 20$ billion by 2024. The competition online is tougher than ever, and the laws and regulations in different parts of the world have various restrictions, so cannabis selling companies need reputable marketing agencies that can create effective strategies and always keep them on the right side of the law.

Because the growth of the cannabis industry is unparalleled, businesses that sell CBD products need to work incredibly hard. To stay on top, you don’t need only to have the best CBD products, the best location, or the best-looking e-Commerce website. Marketing your products holistically and tailoring the most creative and out-of-the-box advertising strategy is crucial for a CBD company’s success. 

Of course, creating high-quality CBD products is the root of your business. However, its stem and leaves are marketing and advertising that ultimately lead to your growth as a company. То gain competitive advantage in the rapidly growing cannabis industry is not an easy task. You’d need a marketing agency that understands your business inside and out. 

Grow Organically and Stay On Top of the Green Wave

Like in any industry, growth in CBD hardly happens overnight. Your project will need some hard work and time to be able to do a quantum leap. One of the most crucial aspects of your growth includes trusting the right marketing agency to help you advertise your products. 

We have selected the top 8 marketing agencies in 2022 that can help your CBD business grow exponentially. 

1. Canesta 

When it comes to the cannabis and hemp industry, Canesta has unparalleled knowledge, expertise, and experience in CBD marketing and advertising. Dedicated to tailoring successful advertising strategies, the SEO and digital marketing expert team combine creativity and cutting-edge ad techniques with thorough data analysis. The agency will craft successful digital campaigns for your business by harnessing the power of the latest, most innovative marketing solutions and help you stay on top of the green wave, constantly providing fresh new ideas. With its holistic, individual approach to each CBD brand, Canesta proves its incredible success in creating unique marketing campaigns for well-known companies that offer CBD oil, hemp, and cannabis products. The company has partnered up with famous brands like Botanicam, Moon Mother, Royal Farm, Foothill Hemp Farms, and others.

Canesta is a highly esteemed digital agency known for its online marketing solutions and top-notch performance for its CBD partners by providing all-encompassing full-funnel marketing strategies and in-depth knowledge of their business, reflecting with unique digital brand representations. The company’s primary goals are focused entirely on its clients’ growth, bringing CBD companies and consumers together. The agency’s data-driven approach is uniquely-combined with creative out-of-the-box thinking. If you want long-term results and imminent growth Canesta is your best bet. 

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2. Icarus Digital Marketing 

Icarus Digital Marketing is another popular agency in the CBD industry. It is a well-established digital agency with proven expertise and experience in helping companies that offer hemp and cannabis products online reach their potential prospects and establish a name in the industry. Icarus is famous for maintaining long-term, profitable relationships with its clients. With its data-driven practices, the agency runs successful online marketing campaigns, including advertising, email marketing, and effective optimization.

3. Bigeye  

Bigeye is another digital agency that successfully implements the latest strategies and techniques in digital marketing to provide a full-service advertising package, addressing the most common challenges CBD companies face today. The company has in-depth consumer knowledge and effectively helps cannabis and hemp businesses target and engage with their prospects, turning them into long-term customers. Bigeye is known for its market intelligence, focusing on the consumers and strategically helping CBD companies grow, build special bonds with their customers, and thrive. 

4. PrograMetrix 

Based in Seattle, PrograMetrix is a digital advertising agency that combines innovative technology with programmatic strategy and tailoring of successful campaigns that deliver a competitive advantage to its clients in the booming cannabis industry. The company partners with other agencies and brands to provide thorough data analysis, consumer insights, and a unique,  creative approach to help CBD brands excel in the highly-competitive market, delivering positive ROI.

5. Cude Design

Based in Surrey, UK, Cude Design is a digital agency dedicated to WordPress and the CBD oil industry with an excellent reputation. The company crafts unique marketing strategies for its clients, helping them with digital solutions from their launch to their successful establishment in the cannabis market. Cude Design combines passion, knowledge, and over-decade-long experience in digital marketing and advertising to provide in-depth knowledge and creative solutions to cannabis companies. The agency is the perfect option for start-ups that want to reach a level where they could flourish in the highly competitive CBD industry. 

6. Sherpa

Sherpa is another digital marketing agency dedicated to helping CBD businesses grow. The company advocates passionately for the cannabis industry. It helps its clients move forward by developing unique brand design and SEO strategies and establishing a personal connection between its clients and their customers. The company focuses on providing helpful easy-to-understand information about CBD products, building trust between businesses and CBD consumers. Sherpa’s goal is to bring the CBD industry to a new era, where CBD-specific e-Commerce stores thrive and grow together in a safe green digital space. 

7.  Connective

Connective is another top digital marketing agency that builds successful websites for CBD oil brands. The company has been helping cannabis companies since the beginning of the industry booming. Connective has in-depth knowledge of the CBD oil market and the FDA restrictions for e-Commerce. The agency is entirely results-driven, easy to work with, and provides a creative and innovative approach while tailoring digital marketing campaigns for its clients. The company specializes primarily in designing websites that correspond to each brand’s unique vision and needs, bringing them closer to its potential customers. 

8. Elevated 

Based in San Diego, USA, Elevated is another digital agency specializing in helping cannabis companies with digital marketing and advertising solutions. The agency offers optimization, specially tailored for the cannabis industry, paid media campaigns that allow CBD and hemp advertising, delivering high exposure to consumers. The company tailors unique email marketing campaigns which are extremely effective for highly-regulated markets like the one cannabis. Elevated crafts unique websites that reflect its clients’ values and product offerings. 

In Conclusion… 

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency to help your company surf on top of the competitive green wave, we advise you to research thoroughly. It is best to make sure that the agency you decide to go with has in-depth knowledge of laws and regulations regarding cannabis and hemp in combination with creativity and results-driven approach to your online presence. Here, at Canesta, we have dedicated our time and effort to know the regulatory aspects of the cannabis industry in detail. We constantly check and update our knowledge and adapt to the new changes in the laws and regulatory measures for the CBD industry.