Top 3 Ways an Accounting Integration Solution Can Optimize Your Business in 2018 & Improve Your “After-The-Sale” Experience

As 2018 fast approaches, it’s time to reflect on the past year and look forward to making business improvements that will help you grow in 2018 and beyond.

One important thing to investigate is how your eCommerce business performed “after-the-sale” in the past year, and how you can use accounting integration to make happier customers in 2018.

Here are the top 3 ways an accounting integration solution can optimize your business throughout 2018 and beyond, and help you increase sales and loyal customers for life:

1. You’ll be able to keep up with high order volumes like never before.

If there’s one thing every eCommerce retailer hopes for, it’s lots and lots of online orders. But the problem many of them face once they start receiving 200 or more a month, is an overload of manual data entry to and from their accounting package.

However, if you integrate your eCommerce store with your accounting or ERP system so that data is transferred back and forth between the two systems automatically, you’ll find that all those orders are really not as overwhelming as you thought.

Here’s how an eCommerce-accounting integration solution can help you keep up with higher than normal order volumes:

  • Eliminates time-consuming manual data entry
  • Transfers data back and forth between business systems seamlessly and in real-time
  • Allows you to process more orders, faster
  • Reduces the likelihood of errors being made which take time to sort out and resolve
  • Creates a more efficient workflow between departments and functionalities in your organization

2. You can get back to focusing on what really matters, like growing your customer base, while resting assured that their orders are being processed efficiently and accurately.

Just because you’re a busy e-retailer doesn’t mean you should be working around the clock all day every day in 2018—you deserve a break, too!

With an eCommerce-accounting integration solution you can rest assured that your business will continue to run smoothly if you take a few days off. And, when you return to work, you won’t be bogged down by manual data entry and overwhelmed by a mountain of orders that have been piling up since you left.

Here’s how an eCommerce-accounting integration solution can maintain your business so that you don’t have to:

  • Your orders, invoices, shipping notices, tracking numbers, inventory levels, etc., will be completely automated between business systems.
  • An integration solution will automatically schedule and process data without human intervention required
  • Unlimited, 24/7 access to a support team will ensure that everything is running as planned
  • A web-based application for data/document management and archiving is available if you need it and will ensure that every order passed will be available for you to view anytime, anywhere.

3. You’ll keep your customers happy. And happy customers are loyal customers who will help you increase sales.

If you want to grow your business and increase sales, there’s no denying the importance of loyal, returning customers. And the best way to create returning customers is to make sure they are happy and satisfied throughout your entire sales process.

Here’s how an eCommerce-accounting integration solution will help you please your buyers and turn them into customers for life by creating a pleasant “after-the-sale” experience:

  •  Your inventory levels will update automatically in your accounting system as purchases are made on your eCommerce website—this means there’s no chance you’ll accidently sell something       that’s out of stock, leaving your customer waiting around for you to restock an item they expected to already be at their doorstep.
  •  You’ll be able to process orders faster, meaning your customers will receive their purchases quickly. Not having to worry about orders arriving late for holiday celebrations, for example, equals happy customers.
  •  Within moments of their order being shipped, your customer will have their shipping information and tracking number so they know exactly when to expect their delivery.

Your customers will trust that you’re a business who knows what you’re doing and will feel confident in your sales cycle. They may even leave you a positive online review, and we all know that’s great for business!

What are you waiting for? Automate your eCommerce business today with an accounting integration solution to relieve unnecessary stress!
Best wishes to you and your business in 2018.

Article by: Lauren Macdonald, Marketing Specialist, eBridge Connections.