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Shopify SEO

SEO is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy for eCommerce. You know that your products are top quality, but if your Shopify store is not visible, your audience will not be able to see it.

Here, at Canesta, we understand what makes an eCommerce website visible and successful. You need to have a professional design tailored to your business’s unique quality that could also correspond to your customers’ needs and preferences.

We deliver a professional Shopify site solution designed to follow your brand identity. We implement all-encompassing optimization to boost traffic and a steady flow of visitors to your website.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a service designed to provide everything you need to create, manage and promote your online store. It includes a website, unlimited web hosting, a shopping cart, and the ability to make payments (either through Shopify’s services or external payment processing options). It offers inventory management options and a full mobile version of your website, which has a seamless transition for users who use smartphones or tablets.

In terms of personalization (customizing the website according to your brand identity ), Shopify allows almost everything with its wide variety of templates. You can also change the functionality of most parts of your site. On top of that, its biggest advantage is that it has the largest app store for added functionality.


What is Shopify SEO?

It’s not magic. It’s SEO! Optimizing your Shopify store for search engines is crucial to helping potential customers find your site. Many of the search engine optimization (SEO) principles were based on providing a positive experience to your website users and turning them into long-term loyal customers and fans. The easier it is to find and use your Shopify store, the more likely people are to buy from you. When evaluating the SEO capabilities of the platform, there are many factors to take into consideration.

At Canesta, we harness the best possible Shopify SEO strategies out there, and we constantly follow the new trends that have proven results-driven success. We also implement our creativity and know-how to create a unique user experience for your website and also get it completely optimized.

What is Shopify SEO

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Why does Shopify SEO matter?

Search engines have web crawlers, widely referred to as bots or spiders, that work by “crawling” websites, which means they search the site’s code and URLs to find every page on the site. This information is then added to the search engine index to get ranked and serve as a result when someone performs a relevant search.

Technical SEO refers to optimizations that make it easier to crawl and index search aspects. Technical optimizations may include the architecture of your site, the structure of URLs, and the code itself. Professional SEO experts and marketers offer Shopify SEO which includes all the technical aspects of SEO and leaves you free to create your products and list them on your website.

At Digitwise, we offer a full package of Shopify SEO strategies and techniques to improve the readability of the pages on your online store. We make it easy for search engines crawlers to retrieve information from your website and help the search engines to understand your website and rank higher. Our goal is to help you outperform your competitors and create a Shopify store that really stands out, tells your brand story, helps search engines understand your website’s pages, and leaves your customers happy.

Shopify Expertise

Shopify offers a wide range of different tools and features that we could utilize to tailor a unique retail website that could completely integrate with your brand identity. It doesn’t matter if you plan on creating a small eCommerce website, an online store for your crafts, or you want to sell internationally. We customize and optimize the online store your business deserves. Shopify is the winning platform that can boost your sales through the roof, and we know how to utilize and customize every aspect of it.

Creating unique quality content for your online Shopify store is essential for the visibility of your website. Every eCommerce needs high-quality content that’s relevant and engaging. It’s an essential component of your SEO strategy when it comes to staying on top and outperforming your competitors. If you want to become a recognized and respected brand, you need to provide value to users and rank high on the search engine results pages (SERPs). At Canesta, we offer expertly written content, following all the best SEO practices.

Shopify Design

Your eCommerce website could have great SEO, and it could provide helpful information to its visitors, expertly written by professional writers. However, those aspects will not matter if your website does not include a professional design. Every online store needs a unique design, tailored to its brand identity that welcomes its visitors and helps them intuitively navigate the website. At Canesta, we create a professional design that naturally follows and integrates your unique brand specifications that tell your story.

Every eCommerce business needs to climb the ladder of the search engine pages’ (SERPs’) rankings. That’s why results-driven SEO campaigns are crucial for your business. When it comes to new online stores, visibility is everything. We know how SEO works. Our job is to craft unique campaigns, following all the guidelines, rules, and latest trends, that will successfully rank you higher on search engines so that your store can outperform its competitors and land at the very top.


The Canesta team is knowledgeable, smart, responsive, and professional. We started with them from a personal reference to do a SEO & Site Experience audit on our two Shopify e-commerce sites. They are extremely organized, and we loved their data-driven approach to website design & function. We have continued to work with them beyond the initial scope of work and it has been a pleasure.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get my Shopify store on the first page?

You need to get your Shopify store on the first page so that you get consistent organic traffic to your website. You can use different strategies, however, it is well-known that there are some fundamental things you need to do first. Optimize your website’s speed, fix any broken links, optimize your web store’s structure, use appropriate tags for your products and blog posts and increase your social media presence. Remember that consistency is key when it comes to ranking. 

How long does it take to see results from Shopify SEO? 

When you start the Shopify SEO, you should keep in mind that there are no overnight results. Your Shopify SEO results depend on multiple factors: your niche, your competition, and the strategies you implement. Our team of Shopify SEO experts would analyze your website and offer you the best possible strategies to get you results as soon as possible. However, it could take months to see results from creating and utilizing all the SEO techniques necessary to rank you higher.

How do I make my visitors stay longer and browse my store?

Several factors can make your visitors stay longer on your website. One of them is the unique professional design. You also need to include useful information. Make it readable for your visitors. Have a good site structure and good navigation for the optimum user experience. When creating an online store, the first thing that should be on your mind is user-friendliness. At Canesta, we know how to create an intuitive design and structure for your website that looks inviting and easy to use. 

Why create SEO campaigns for my Shopify store? 

Shopify SEO campaigns help your eCommerce stay on top of the search engines’ results in pages. If you don’t include SEO campaigns in your online growth strategy, you wouldn’t rank fast enough, and you may never reach the optimum results. You want to attract more visitors to your eCommerce. You may offer top-quality products, but if there’s no one to see them, it’s like they don’t exist. Shopify SEO campaigns will get you out there. 

How can I tell if my Shopify store is properly optimized?

Traffic increase is the best way to tell if your Shopify store is well optimized. Many online tools can help you see if you have a well-optimized site by measuring its speed, structure, backlinks, and more. We utilize the best SEO audit tools, and we understand the weak spots of your website. We know how to make your business more competitive online and boost your Shopify sales. 

Why should I choose Canesta for Shopify SEO? 

Throughout the years of experience with Shopify and other eCommerce platforms, our expert SEO team has learned how to overcome different challenges when it comes to creating successful SEO campaigns. We know how to implement successful SEO techniques that holistically correspond to how search engine crawlers and visitors interact with your website. We tailor unique strategies for your business with one goal in mind: your growth and success. 

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