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Our Process

Initial Analysis and Strategy

We organize a one-on-one with you to understand your campaign goals, and then we work with you to set practical goals for your campaign. We even conduct a search audit to gain insights into your target audience and their online behavior. And we do the necessary research to decide the keywords for your campaign and exclude the ones that may generate irrelevant traffic. Our aim is to deliver an entire search campaign, including, expertly writing persuasive ads, to make sure the KPIs we set out at the beginning with you are delivered.

Keyword Research

Our paid campaigns are based on solid metrics and ad content that resonates with your target audience and moves them to take the action you want – whether it is a click to visit your landing page or microsite, or an entire click to conversion journey. Through detailed research on your business and discussions with your team, we create thematic lists of keywords and test them to discover what works best for your campaigns. And we monitor the performance on an everyday basis to filter or add keywords as your business and campaign objectives dictate.

Ongoing Campaign Management

Once we’ve created a unique strategy to suit your business objectives, we move onto execution. We handle all day-to-day management of your search campaign. Whether it is adjusting bids, checking budgets, or optimizing keywords based on test results. Then we optimize your campaign, strengthening keywords that do well and negating the ones that don’t. Our experts check your quality score to make sure that you remain visible and relevant online when your potential customers look up terms relevant to your business.

Detailed PPC Reporting

We’re in the business of making you stand out. And to do that we follow a diligent process with every search campaign we run. We’ll regularly send you detailed reports about your campaigns – highlighting where your budget is being utilized, which ads are most clicked, which devices are working best for delivering your ads. And a detailed report on impressions, clicks, click-through rate, and cost per click. Plus, if you’d like, we’re always on hands to answer any questions you may have.


Step up your paid media game

Are you ready to realize new heights of success with our comprehensive paid search management services? Welcome to the big boys’ table in PPC management. Our savvy experts will apply proven strategies, experience, and constant analysis to deliver the results you want from your digital search campaigns.

What you get

Higher Ad Rankings

When it comes to getting you noticed, we get straight to work so your ads show up on search engines when your potential customers look up products and services like yours. We focus on the number of leads, visitors or sales. And most of all, we focus on delivering the results you want – whether it is conversions, or simply more reach online.

Lower Bids

We have the experience, time, knowledge, and resource to research keywords that are best suited for your goals. Plus, copywriters, who’ll write persuasive ads that’ll get results. The advantage of letting us take care of your online ads is that we’ll take extra care to make the most of your budget.

Better ROI

In addition to our existing expertise, our paid media managers get constant support and training data from major search engines like Google. And they keep up with the latest trends by testing new ideas and continuously optimizing your ads to keep you relevant. So, you stay ahead of the competition and on top of your paid media game.

Start growing your business with our help.

Keyword Research

PPC keyword research is a critical part of the strategy for paid search campaigns. Through a detailed analysis of your business and products or service, we’ll create a list of keywords that are brand, competition, product, and service, or features focused. We’ll then test those keywords, adding and negating some, to uncover the ones that are best suited to achieve your campaign goals.

PPC competitor

Competition Analysis

Your competitors actively shape what keywords you bid on, what you pay for them, where and when your ads show, and more. Some of the important questions to ask could be who are your main competitors? Which keywords are they focusing on? Do they increase their activities at any particular times? We analyze your competition to build you a paid campaign that fails all other. We study what they’re doing right or wrong, and build a sharp, powerful search campaign that improves your visibility and gets the results you seek.


Analytics help you mine data that could be the treasure of your paid search campaign. If you aren’t using your data effectively, you may miss out on majorly improving your campaign’s performance. That’s where we come in. We leverage various analytics tools to understand user activity, online, “offline” and in-store networks to understand your campaign’s success. We interpret the results of your search analytics and turn them into recommendations and implementations your campaign will benefit from.

PPC content

Content Strategy

Once your target audience has clicked on your ad, they’ll likely be taken to your website, microsite or a landing page. They’ll investigate your page before they result in conversions. These pages make or break your lead generation or brand awareness paid campaigns. Our content experts ensure we create, design and test online destinations that build an instant connection with your customers and in turn generates conversions.

Mobile & Voice PPC

Ask yourself this – are your products or services something people typically research or buy on the go? Would you pull out your phone to search for your product or service? If your answer was yes to those questions, you need to consider mobile paid optimization. And not just mobile, today more people do their searches using the voice feature on their phones than you can imagine. Some reports even say every 1 in 5 mobiles searches happens over voice search. So, we prioritize both mobile and voice PPC to ensure your business stays ahead of the curve.


Retargeting Ads

We’ve all had it happen to us. Being hounded by creepy, boring ads over and over when we visited a website, or if we were looking for a specific product or service but didn’t finish the order journey. But it won’t happen to your business. Because we have the experience of running retargeting campaigns for dozens of industries with goals ranging from awareness to engagement to conversions. We build customized retargeting campaigns for your business with strategy, as well as ads, that stand out.

Complete PPC Transparency

Will I have access to view my campaign performance? Will my agency discuss my budgets and targets with me beforehand? Questions you’ll never have to wonder about with us. We keep you updated about your campaign’s performance through every step. We’ll even implement a reporting structure for you, just the way you want it – by phone, by email, or in person, no problem.

Complete PPC Transparency

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