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& Label Design

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What you get

Creative Design Team

We create brands that matter. Our designers stay on top of the latest trends. Innovation is what drives our creative processes as we try to experiment with new things. Our collective work is aimed to create a superior design that grabs the eye.

100% Original Design

When you work with us you get a 100% unique design. We don’t copy. Our team creates original designs, based on your requirements, brand mission, and our creativity. It is clear to us that originality is what drives customers and makes you stand out.

Full Copyright Ownership

Once delivered to you, the vector files with the designs become your property. This means you will own the full copyright to them. You will be able to use them freely even if you decide to work with other designers afterward.


Challenge The Status Quo

One of the most powerful elements of SEO is its inherent quantifiable nature. Compared with traditional advertising, which frequently scores around 0.0005% hit rates, and even then you won’t know for sure it’s down to the increased advertising budget.

SEO provides measurable statistics and data. This allows you to both track your investment, and refine your approach into a powerful strategy, boasting both immediate and long-term results.


Initial Analysis & Design Request

The working process starts with you filling a design questionnaire. This step will help clarify your vision and the idea behind the brand. It is crucial for us to understand the logic behind your logo because the design of the package and labels have to be matched with it. What does it say about your brand? Once you’ve done that, the next step is to discuss and clear all potential roadblocks out of the way. Also, you have to provide content for the packages & labels. This procedure will make the whole process smoother.

Packaging & Labeling Presentation

Now that we have your guidelines is time for the next step. Our designers will produce different concepts and variations. All of these will be uniquely crafted and aligned with the information provided in the questionnaire. We will test them on the products to get an idea of how they would look as a whole. Once we are satisfied with the results, we will present them to you. The point of that presentation is to show you what we’ve done based on the initial requirements and to explain why.

Design Feedback

After the presentation, you have to let us know what design you like most and provide your feedback. If there are some changes you want us to make or some additional elements to incorporate, now is the time to tell us. We appreciate the constructive and honest feedback. It helps us deliver better service that satisfies our clients’ needs.

Vector Files Delivered

Once you’ve picked the final design, we will provide the vector files for it (.eps, .pdf, .ai) including all the font files. Vector files can be scaled to any size and not on the prize of poor quality. You need your label designs to be delivered in such format, otherwise, the quality of the print will suffer.

Start growing your business with our help.

Product Packaging

With great packaging, your products will stand out to the competition. No matter how good is your product, if it isn’t put in a well-designed package and fails to catch the eyes of the customers your sales will suffer. Content is another important part. Depending on the product, you want to provide as much relevant information as possible. Clients want to be informed about what they are buying.


Label Design

Labels have to be uniform with your logo and website. Same colors, features, forms… At the same time, they have to attract the attention of the client. When your product has the same or similar label as every other product on the shelf, you can’t expect to stand out. You have only a few seconds to grab the buyer’s attention when he is in front of the shelf. Outstanding design will do that. The information put on the label could be a game-changer. Through it, you are speaking directly to the customer. That’s why it is important to use the limited space on the label wisely.

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