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Are you just starting with Omnisend, or maybe you want to take your marketing further? WIth Omnisend and our expert team, you can get your eCommerce business to a whole new level. 

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How does marketing with Omnisend work? 

Engage with your customers in a meaningful way using email and SMS campaigns. At Canesta, we utilize Omnisend’s entire spectrum of features: push notifications, pop-ups, dynamic Facebook and Google integrations, and more. 


Establish Better Relationships With Your Customers

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By harnessing the power of Omnisend, we will create automated email and SMS campaigns and will deliver a constant flow of sales to your business. 

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With Omnisend, we will integrate your eCommerce platform and utilize all of its features to help your business grow and give you the results you desire. 



Our expert team will segment precisely your customers based on the information from your eCommerce store and the data collected by Omnisend.

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Campaign Strategy & Analytics

With Omnisend, we will always know where your campaign efforts stand. We will create coherent eCommerce campaign strategies and tailor custom communications to your subscriber base that leads to conversions. The all-in-one marketing platform offers sophisticated and thorough analytical reports, based on which we will measure your campaigns’ performance and improve conversion rate. Our expert team at Canesta will utilize Omnisend to make your company’s marketing campaigns relevant, leading to more engagement with your customers and a better response rate. We constantly monitor your campaigns and do an in-depth analysis to see what adjustments to deliver you even more outstanding results.  

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Grow Your Customer Base 

Your customer base is the direct reflection of your business’ performance. After you learn what your customers find relevant, you need to present it to them the right way. Our marketing team will utilize all of Omnisend’s features to provide value to your potential buyers, reach them on all channels with offers they can’t resist, and ultimately grow your customer base exponentially.  


Omnisend Workflows

All Omnisend’s workflows get triggered after an event, such as opting-in, placing an order, cart abandonment, and others. We will customize your workflows, audience filtering, re-trigger contacts, setting up order follow-ups, and more. With Omnisend, we will create the best workflow automation strategy that will help boost your conversion rates. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is omnichannel marketing, and what are its benefits?

Omnichannel is an all-in-one marketing platform that gives us the ability to create and customize your campaigns, convey your brand’s message and lead to better conversions for your business. Omnisend, for example, does email, SMS, and web push notifications as core features. As marketing experts at Canesta, we know that a powerful omnichannel platform allows us to create coherent and relevant messaging across multiple channels, all at the same time. Its automation establishes better communication between businesses and their customers across different channels and offers them a unique customer journey, seamlessly leading them towards conversion and retention.

How can Omnisend drive more sales for my business?

By utilizing Omnisend’s solutions, we can optimize your eCommerce marketing strategy and boost your business’s performance. With Omnisend, we will establish solid brand awareness and the best customer relationships. We will optimize your product pages, create visible CTAs (call to action), reduce cart abandonment and share your message across channels. With Omnisend’s marketing automation workflows, we will create a seamless user experience that lets your customers on the journey of conversion. 

How is Omnisend better than other marketing tools?

Omnisend is a powerful marketing automation platform that provides superb marketing strategies for businesses. By utilizing Omnisend’s features like visitor tracking, lead nurturing, campaign segmentation, thorough analytics, and more, we can deliver you the best results of our expert marketing team’s campaign efforts and get your business on the fast track to success. 

Why choose Canesta for your omnichannel marketing?

Our expert marketing team at Canesta offers tangible solutions, implementing successful marketing campaign strategies, utilizing all of Omnisend’s features. We work tirelessly to provide the success that your company deserves. Our deep knowledge, understanding, and vast experience with omnichannel marketing, including Omnisend, will deliver you the ultimate boost in conversion rates. 

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