Omnisend All-in-one Marketing Growth Tool

Omnisend is an all-in-one email marketing platform that allows you to drive more business sales with multi-channel support and better customer satisfaction. The platform enables professional marketers to make successful well-thought-out marketing campaigns. The tool is a must-have if you want to have better reach and create a meaningful experience for your customers.

Omnisend is a shortcut to achieving the revenue growth you desire with easy-to-use e-commerce, SMS, and email automation. Each time you build a marketing campaign with Omnisend, you reach the maximum number of people interested in your offers and increase your conversion rates. Omnisend is the ultimate marketing tool that helps you expand your newsletter and drive sales with professional features leading to expanding your growth potential.  

Why Use All-in-one Marketing Tools in the First Place? 

All-in-one marketing tools help businesses grow their customer base and market products or services holistically. When you work with a marketing tool, you can create professional emails, SMS campaigns, and newsletters that will help you build better relationships with your customers, increase your brand awareness and your company’s credibility, and the value it offers to its audiences.

With email marketing, you can grow your contact list exponentially. It will give you a competitive advantage, enabling you to convey your message to potential customers interested in your brand and offering. 

Marketing tools like Omnisend provide an intuitive user experience, helping you create professional-looking personalized email campaigns. Even though Omnisend does not require more sophisticated technical or professional programming knowledge, it is best to hire an expert marketing team to lead your campaigns. 

Once you set the goals of your email marketing campaigns, with Omnisend, our expert marketing team at Canesta will be able to create professional emails choosing from a wide variety of email templates, utilizing the tool’s list segmentation and automation features. 

What is Omnisend? 

As its name suggests, Omnisend is an omnichannel marketing automation platform that offers email and SMS marketing, push notifications, WhatsApp, pop-ups, segmentation, Facebook and Google ad integrations.

It is an all-in-one marketing tool that, if utilized correctly, can help your business grow exponentially. It is the perfect option for small businesses and large corporations alike. 

How Does Omnisend Help Businesses Grow? 

With Omnisend, you will be on the winning track, utilizing automatic adjustment to abandon cart, welcome series, transaction emails, and more. The tool is highly intuitive and includes all-encompassing unique features that will help you improve your conversions with precise targeting. The platform will help you stay consistent. It offers constant reporting and supports multiple channels and multiple one-click integrations with many eCommerce platforms. 

Your customers don’t easily hand over their email addresses – but when they do – and when you use them creatively and responsibly – you can build your customer relationships on a whole new level and exponentially increase your profit margin.

At Canesta, we know how important it is to have professional-looking emails and a constant flow of new prospects added to your customer base. Our expert marketing team knows how to harness the power of Omnisend’s all-encompassing email marketing and SMS features and create successful marketing campaigns that will reach the right people, convey your message and grow your contact list.  

What Is the Benefit of Having All These Marketing Features under One Roof?

Omnisend enables us to create automation and manage it from one place. We set up professional campaigns with notifications on different channels, at the same time. These campaigns converge and target your potential customers. You will avoid mistakes like offering 20% off via email and 10% off via SMS at the same time. Such an experience would confuse your customers, and it can happen with ease when you use separate marketing tools for different channels. 

Our marketing team at Canesta utilizes Omnisend to improve your customers’ experience and rapidly increase your company’s credibility when all of Omnisend’s features work simultaneously. It is much more effective and a lot less time-consuming for your company from working with separate tools and apps, trying to achieve the same result. 

Why Choose Omnisend? 

Omnisend is a growth-oriented marketing platform. It helps businesses drive more sales and engage better with their customers. It combines email, SMS globally, MMS (for North America), and other channels. It is easy to use, impactful, and includes unique features. 

Omnisend offers incredible reporting functionalities with which we create a thorough analysis of your campaigns. Its reporting features include click maps, a real-time dashboard, and more. When it comes to campaigns’ success evaluation, these features are extremely useful for professional marketers.

Omnisend has an impressive free forever plan that allows sending up to 500 emails per month. In addition, it offers access to workflows, automation, and A / B testing. Its paid plans are also quite affordable, and they increase when you get more subscribers only. The tool also offers professional plans with 24/7 support. 

Does Omnisend offer eCommerce integration?

Omnisend offers built-in integration with the major eCommerce platforms – BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce. The tool is specially built for eCommerce businesses. Its omnichannel marketing focus includes email web push notifications, SMS and MMS, Facebook, and Google,  engaging with businesses’ customers from everywhere. 

Does Omnisend offer marketing automation? 

Omnisend Statistics from 2022 show that “Omnisend merchants who utilize Omnisend’s multichannel workflows have sent 258% more automated SMS than in 2020.” Omnisend allows different types of automated workflows with which we can personalize the messages you send and help your business interact better with its customers. We can collect and analyze data more efficiently. With Omnisend, we can set your brand and your customers off on an exciting journey, with a primary goal to increase your subscribers, create a better relationship between your business and your customers and drive more conversions.

In Summary… 

With an all-encompassing marketing tool focused on creating campaigns on multiple channels at once, converging your campaigns into one place management, like Omnisend, you can drive more sales to your eCommerce business. 

With Omnisend, we will create marketing campaigns that provide a personal experience to your customers. We will reach them over different messaging channels and improve your reach exponentially. 

Omnisend’s intuitive interface makes it easy to use, but it requires in-depth marketing knowledge to create powerful campaigns that lead to your company’s success. At Canesta, we know how to create marketing campaigns by utilizing Omnisend’s features to reach the right people interested in what you offer. 

We can help your business engage with them in a meaningful way, give them value that they can’t resist, create a constant flow of new subscribers, and ultimately turn them into actual buyers, increasing your conversion rate.