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What does Mailchimp do? 

Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps you to establish better communication with your potential clients or customers. Our expert team at Canesta utilizes Mailchimp’s entire spectrum of features to design beautiful campaigns,  provide long-term support  and in-depth analysis that will help your business grow substantially.


Grow Your Customer Base Exponentially With Mailchimp

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Our email marketing experts will set up and organize your audience. By utilizing Mailchimp’s audience management tools, we will help you collect contacts or create a clean list with your already existing clients or customers and help you gain more subscribers. 

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We will craft your campaign and share your message across channels, including emails and ads. We will incorporate all of Mailchimp’s customization options to tailor your multichannel campaigns according to your brand and your business’s specific needs. 



Our team will utilize Mailchimp’s automation tools to send targeted messages when triggered by a specific event or activity. With Mailchimp’s ads, we will reach a huge audience of potential customers for your business – people looking for your offering across channels.

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Crafting Unique Campaigns 

With Mailchimp, we will craft unique marketing campaigns that people will love, and we will share them through emails, ads, and other channels where we can reach your potential customers. 

Our expert team at Canesta will utilize Mailchimp’s entire spectrum of tools and features to create relevant campaigns for your customers and establish better engagement with your prospects.

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Mailchimp Personalization

We will take advantage of Mailchimp’s wide variety of customization options to tailor campaigns that would give your audiences something tangible and memorable. Mailchimp offers personalization tools that help us send meaningful content to your contacts.

It is all personal. We will craft personalized campaigns that will trigger a conversation with your customers. Our marketing team will carefully segment your audience based on interests. We will send your prospects relevant messages and recommend your products and services at the right time by scheduling emails according to your customers’ time zones. Our goal is to establish better relationships with your audience and ultimately generate more revenue for your business.


In-depth Analysis 

At Canesta, we know how to get the most out of Mailchimp’s campaign data reports. Mailchimp offers separate reports for ads, email marketing campaigns, and automation. We create an in-depth analysis of each campaign report and make any necessary adjustments to your campaigns. 

With tests and analysis, we will determine what works and what doesn’t. Our goal is to use the data provided by Mailchimp and take action when and where needed to help you increase your customers base and boost your sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do I need Mailchimp for marketing campaigns? 

Personalized email marketing campaigns would result in more visitors to your eCommerce site. When Mailchimp is integrated with your website, you can see the results of your campaign in real-time. With its unique tools and features with Mailchimp, you can send personal campaigns that trigger conversations with your prospects, establishing better relationships with them and ultimately growing your customer base. Our expert marketing team knows how to convey your brand’s message and provide value to your customers. We will tailor unique campaigns that lead to exponentially growing conversions.

How can Mailchimp drive more sales for my business?

When it comes to conversions, paid ad campaigns might not be enough. You may have a lot of traffic to your website, but if visitors are not buying what you are offering, something is not working. Increasing sales depends primarily on customer engagement. You need to add a personal touch to your campaigns and establish better relationships with your prospects. You need to give them something they find relevant at the right time. That’s where Mailchimp comes in. At Canesta, we know how to hit the right buttons and trigger your prospects to become customers. We will craft unique campaigns with tangible information and offers and send them according to your customers’ time zones. 

How is Mailchimp better than other marketing tools?

In 2021 Mailchimp was named one of the 50 Best Email Marketing Products for 2021 by G2. The all-in-one platform allows branded emails, personalization options, and audience segmentation. At Canesta, we utilize all of Mailchimps’ powerful features and tools to craft beautiful campaigns that trigger customers across different channels and send them off on a conversion journey.

Why choose Canesta for your Mailchimp marketing campaigns?

Our expert marketing team at Canesta has in-depth knowledge and vast experience with Mailchimp. We will constantly analyze your niche, your audiences, and the data from your campaigns. We know how to utilize all of the platform’s features to tailor unique marketing campaigns and deliver you the desired growth. Our goal is to increase your customer base and boost your conversation rates. 

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