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Choosing an ecommerce platform is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a retail company.

Here will help you make the best decision by migrating from on-premise to SaaS solution, and help you create a scalable web presence for long-term growth.

Software as a service has become increasingly popular thanks to the immediate and long-term benefits it offers.

Canesta is a trusted BigCommerce Solution Partner building world-class e-commerce experiences that deliver at scale.


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Forrester estimates that 80% of on-premise spending goes toward maintenance, where only 20% is used for new projects and initiatives. That means that the cost of maintaining an on-premise solution commands a significant amount of budget that could be spent on your marketing and optimization services.

To help you see the cost difference we’re talking about, BigCommerce created a total cost of ownership calculator. Plug in a merchant’s numbers to see the difference for yourself.


BigCommerce vs. Magento

Why Choose BigCommerce?

Total Cost of Ownership

Research shows SaaS platforms can cost up to 75% less than on-premise solutions over a four-year period due to headcount and infrastructure costs.

Business App Integration

BigCommerce’s open API makes it easy to integrate with your ERP, CRM, order management system, email, tax tools, shipping and fulfillment systems of choice.


With flexible, modern, responsive themes using popular coding languages, BigCommerce is purpose-built for you to quickly and collaboratively build beautiful, branded e-commerce sites.

Security & Compliance

With a SaaS platform, updates, maintenance and PCI compliance are covered for merchants, so there’s no need to spend resources building out a team to handle these tasks.

Time to Market

SaaS-based stores are up to 50% faster to deploy, saving merchants valuable time before launch. Just design, test and deploy, with no need to select or implement infrastructure.

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