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What is Magento? 

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that offers online retailers a flexible shopping cart system and complete control over every aspect, content, and functionality of their online shops. The platform has an extensive base of options for search engine management, marketing, and other optimization tools, making it one of the preferable choices among the eCommerce platforms available today. With Magento, you can manage several different online stores from one control panel – each with its unique design, functionality, and products. The system allows your online business to be well-structured and easy to manage.

In addition, the Magento features allow you to scale your online shop and expand easily from just a few products to tens of thousands without having to switch platforms. It offers a variety of themes and plugins that can significantly improve the user experience, allowing your visitors to embark on a unique customer journey. 

At Canesta, we have a team of highly experienced experts with professional knowledge of Magento and all of its features. We will tailor a website according to your business’ needs and make it fully functional. We will optimize it based on the latest trends, increase organic traffic flow, enhance customer experience and ultimately boost your sales.

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What is Magento SEO?

Magento SEO is a set of techniques, strategies, adjustments, and tools unique to the Magento platform. The system is scalable and flexible, and it allows a variety of built-in functionalities for modification of your website in the future. It has great opportunities for optimization: URLs, metadata, and integration with Google Analytics, Facebook shopping, Google shopping, and other apps. 

A successfully implemented Magento SEO includes solid URL structure with good URL paths, well-optimized on-page content, sitemap and well-utilized navigation. Your Magento website needs to have high-priority pages that are easy for search engine crawlers to go through and allow visitors to browse the site easily.

At Canesta, we offer a full package of Magento SEO strategies and techniques to create fully-functioning website that corresponds to your brand identity, niche, offering, and customers’ needs. Our data-driven holistic approach constantly compels us to think outside of the box and find creative and innovative solutions for boosting organic traffic,  leading to more customers for our clients.

What is Magento SEO

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Why does Magento SEO matter? 

SEO is crucial for any website. Generally, regardless of the platform, every website needs SEO to increase the website visibility. The optimization process is usually a long-term set of strategies and techniques that improve the ranking of your website and boost its traffic. The successful optimization would secure a safe and strong position on Google and other search engines for your website, placing your business under the spotlight in the competitive online environment. 

Crafting and implementing working SEO techniques for link-building and keyword strategies will surely put your website among the highly reputable sites in your niche and lead to a long-term increase in organic traffic. 

We view each unique online store as an individual project, and we base our approaches on a preliminary and comprehensive SEO audit, which shows the state of every website. We monitor the links built so far and decide how to proceed ahead. We craft unique strategies based on your website’s needs and deliver long-term results.

Keywords Strategy

A successful keyword strategy is vital for the success of any website, especially for Magento-based eCommerce websites. By optimizing for the right keywords, search engines will find your website much faster and crawl into it easier, leading to a higher ranking on Google. Our SEO experts will identify what keywords your customers use to search for your products and offers. They will implement the latest keyword techniques to boost your ranking long-term. 

Your website’s loading time greatly affects the customer experience. One of the most important aspects to any website is speed. The pages on your website need to load quickly, within less than two seconds, so that your customers don’t abandon it. Our expert SEO team will analyze your website and implement successful strategies to improve its speed and performance, to satisfy even the most eager potential prospects. 

URL Structure

Creating an SEO-friendly Magento website requires a solid URL structure, titles, meta descriptions, and correct headings, which will help search engines crawl and index your online store easily and efficiently. Essentially, this will bring more traffic to your website. At Canesta, we know how to create an effective long-term SEO strategy for your Magento website structure. 

Having your Magento website integrated with Google Analytics is crucial for the success of your SEO efforts. Having regular reports from thorough analysis and making data-driven decisions can rapidly increase your organic traffic flow in the long run. Our expert SEO team at Canesta tailors campaigns based on thorough analysis of frequent reports of complex data. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why work with a digital agency to improve Magento SEO?

SEO and marketing experts can implement effective strategies that will have a long-lasting positive impact on your website’s visibility. Well-crafted Magento SEO strategies can significantly improve your site’s visibility and convert your visitors into customers in the long run. As professional Magento SEO experts, our team at Canesta will work tirelessly to craft and implement SEO that works for your specific niche, following your brand’s unique identity and your customers’ needs. 

How do I make my Magento website more mobile first? 

As mobile technology advances, more and more users prefer to browse and shop via their phones or tablets instead of browsing through their PCs. That’s why store owners worldwide see the need to make a shift towards a mobile-friendly website or, even better – go mobile-first. It means creating an intuitive design, thinking of the mobile user first. Making this shift in Magento may not be an easy task for someone without previous technical experience. At Canesta, we have specialized in the mobile-first design. Our goal is to drive more organic traffic to your website, making it fully functional for all devices. 

How can I tell if my Magento website is properly optimized?

There are many SEO audit tools online to help you check if your website is on track with its optimization. If your website doesn’t have sufficient traffic, likely, it isn’t optimized well. Your store needs to be regularly updated. Slowness is a common problem with Magento when it isn’t well-optimized. It is best to work with a professional web development team to optimize, boost speed and create a better user experience. At Canesta, we do an extensive professional SEO audit of your site. Our goal is to create a well-structured, fully optimized, and functional website. We will increase the flow of visitors to your online store exponentially, delivering long-term results. 

How long does it take to see results from Magento SEO?

Most of the time, it takes some time before you see results from even the best SEO strategies. Overnight success rarely happens online. You can be sure that it will take some time and patience before you get a high rank on Google. It could take a while for search engine crawlers to come and index your website, regardless of how well optimized it is. Of course, there are also other factors to consider – URL structure, content creation, and consistent exposure efforts. All of these strategies take time. Our expert team works tirelessly to shorten this period as much as possible. We craft results-driven SEO strategies that have long-term improvement for your Magento website. 

How do I drive more traffic to my Magento website with SEO?

You can find a long list of successful practices for driving more traffic to your Magento website with optimization, like creating an effective solid URL structure, descriptions, titles and high-quality content, optimized images, a good sitemap, etc. However, you may still sit and wait a while, before seeing any results. At Canesta, we harness the power of all-encompassing marketing and SEO strategies that, if implemented correctly together, can do miracles for your website. Our goal is to drive a steady flow of organic traffic to your website and accumulate it over time for long-term success. 

Why should I hire Canesta for my Magento SEO?

Canesta’s creative team of SEO experts will craft SEO strategies specifically tailored for the unique needs of your business, following your niche. When it comes to user experience, we think out of the box. Our original and fresh ideas have proven their success across various industries. We follow the guidelines of all the new marketing and SEO trends but make unique combinations based on our extensive knowledge and experience and add a pinch of creativity and personality to every set of techniques. Our goal is your unlimited growth and success.

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