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SEO for Local Companies

SEO for Local Companies

Local search engine optimization is the process of generating traffic from location-based searches to your business’s website. Investing in Local SEO can help your company become one of the top results in search engines and provide optimum visibility of your business’s name, address, and phone number. It can also lead to better brand loyalty by showing customer reviews.

Generally, SEO’s goal is to prepare your website for Google search and other search engines. If the right SEO strategies get harnessed to work organically together, they can place your website in the first results in search engines. These strategies include optimizing the website’s content and structure, building internal and external links, lead generation campaigns, and much more. They all focus on increasing traffic for visits, requests, purchases for your business, and ultimately long-term organic growth.

Local SEO vs organic SEO

Local SEO techniques and strategies have the same guidelines that marketers and SEO experts implement for sites on a national and global scale to help their clients surpass their competition. The only difference is that for local SEO, specialists would target the specific small area, neighborhood, city, or region – relevant to the company’s offering of products or services.

Local SEO is the optimization process for users searching for a specific geographical area based on an exact location. The easiest way to visualize this is to search for something in Google. For example: search on Google for “hairdresser near me.” What do you see as a result? A map with highlighted locations is displayed first, followed by any location – closest to you that is relevant to your search, and the third thing you will see are sites or paid ads. This is the power of local SEO. Any business with a well-established local SEO strategy would appear in the top results in a relevant local search.Successfully implemented Local SEO strategies will increase the visibility of your products or services in a specific geographical area, targeting customers near you (city, neighborhood, street, etc.)

Local SEO vs organic SEO
Why does Local SEO matter

Why does Local SEO matter?

According to statistics, almost half of the Google searches have local intent. Today, most people rely on Google to find information for local businesses before they decide to purchase. In 2017-2019 there has been an increase of 250% in local searches on mobile devices, which means only one thing: Businesses need to utilize local SEO.

When someone performs a typical search on Google, the search engine would likely show only local companies offering the services or products the person has searched for.

By implementing successful Local SEO strategies tailored to the specific geographical searches, your company will reach a higher rank in the search results. This will not only boost your visibility online, but it will drive more traffic to your business and ultimately significantly increase your revenue.

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Benefits of local SEO

With Local SEO, you can reach your target audience by utilizing the proper optimization strategies and choosing relevant keywords that your customers or clients would use when performing local-based searches. Implementing the right Local SEO strategies helps boost your brand awareness and customer loyalty, bypassing your competitors, organic growth, leading to a long-term revenue increase.

Local SEO and mobile-first experience

Mobile-first experience ensures that your site functions properly for mobile devices and that your customers get a positive feel from your website. Mobile device use has skyrocketed in the past couple of years. That’s why mobile-first experience goes hand-in-hand with Local SEO strategies to reach those customers who are looking up your products and services on their phones and tablets.

Voice search and Local SEO

When optimizing for local searches, focus on voice search and standard search. Today, mobile device users prefer the quick way of searching for local businesses by verbalizing their needs or questions on their mobile phones or tablets. Usually, they use different phrasing than the one they would use when they type. Adapt to the new way your customers think and search, staying ahead of the competition.

Multiple location SEO

With multiple location SEO, you will attract website traffic from different locations. It will expand your reach and increase your customer base, helping you grow your business quickly. You can also have a separate page for each location you want to optimize for and use Google My Business for each one. This way, you can target people for each geographic region.

Local SEO for Backyard Remodeling Company

Our dedicated expert SEO team has revamped the website of Showcase Renovations, a company offering services in the highly-competitive industry of outdoor remodeling in L.A. We work tirelessly to place our clients at the top of the search results pages. We continue to deliver results-driven strategies for Showcase Renovations, increasing their leads for their services in their targeted locations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do certain companies need more local SEO than others? 

The truth is that not all companies need local SEO. Some businesses would benefit more from organic SEO, and others would generate more leads by optimizing locally or for multiple locations. It depends on the industry and the company’s unique offers and characteristics. Businesses like real estate, local retailers, pet stores, medical services, restaurants, and cafes are much more likely to benefit from local SEO than a company that manufactures tires, for example.

How can I rank equally well in multiple cities at the same time?

If you have decided to expand your business and you’d like to replicate your good local SEO results to other locations, you can start planning your multi-location SEO strategy. Add the new multi-location SEO campaigns to your ongoing local SEO ones and optimize your website with city landing pages for each new location you are targeting. Create unique content – relevant to each specific region.

What is duplicate content? Does it affect my website?

Duplicate content refers to content within a website or different domains that match other content in the same language. It includes similar titles, or even 100% matching sentences and paragraphs, from page to page. Most of the time, it isn’t misleading. Having unique content for all your pages is a ranking factor, so it is best to minimize repetition, especially if you want better multi-location SEO results and drive more organic traffic to your website.

What are the important factors for Local search?

According to Google, local results are based on three main factors: relevance, distance, and prominence. When your prospects search for your products or services, they are referred to your page based on search relevance, including detailed information about your offering. They receive results based on location. Google would calculate the distance for them. Prominence is about popularity. Google ranks you higher if your business is better known. Some places are more popular offline. At Canesta, we will consider all of these main factors, among others, and boost your online presence for all of them. Our SEO experts will work tirelessly to place you at the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs). 

How can online reviews help my page rank?

Many different factors influence a website’s rank in search engines. For example, Google has more than 200 ranking factors, and your reviews are just one of them. There isn’t a standard hierarchy, showing specific ranking factors to weigh more than others. However, Google reviews will have a significant impact on your brand loyalty. People need to know that they can trust your business, and the quickest way to gain their trust is with positive comments by other customers or clients.

Why hire a professional digital marketing agency for my Local SEO?

To target locally doesn’t mean simply having a deep understanding of the people and their needs in a specific place. Although it seems straightforward, local SEO is a complex process, and you need experts at your side who will do the proper research and implement the right SEO campaigns that will drive traffic to your website with a significant return on investment (ROI). At Canesta, we know how to implement the right strategies and techniques based on multiple complex factors.

What are some SEO strategies for driving local traffic to my website?

There are many ways to increase traffic to your website, and some of the local SEO strategies aren’t much different than the organic SEO ones. You can conduct local link building – get other local businesses to link to your website. Actively seek Google reviews, create local content, and, most importantly, choose the right keywords for your local SEO because they will target your specific audience.

Why hire Canesta for your Local SEO?

At Canesta, we understand the power of Local SEO. Our creative team of SEO experts and content creators utilizes the latest Local SEO strategies to lead to the quickest way possible for reaching the right audience near you, who will become your long-term customers or clients.
Professional SEO specialists have to implement different local SEO techniques, considering the diverse audiences and specific goals. Our team takes into consideration the unique characteristics of your businesses, according to your industry, and utilizes local SEO strategies tailored to your business’s needs.

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