Justuno: The Pop-up That We Can’t Resist

According to researchers and user experience specialists, people generally dislike pop-ups, which are widely shown as an overlay of a popover window or dialog box, appearing on top of the website’s page content.

Also, it is good to keep in mind that most website visitors don’t even see pop-up ads anymore. Browsers usually come with built-in ad-block plugins that block pop-ups. Third-party popups are almost non-existent in respectable websites because browsers immediately block them. 

So if people find pop-ups so annoying, why should we have an entire platform that revolves around pop-up software? Well, Justuno is more than just a pop-up. It is the pop-up builder you can’t resist because it utilizes sophisticated analytics to deliver targeted pop-ups to the right audience boosting conversion rates through the roof.

When a pop-up is done right, it can be an effective lead capture and a tool that converts traffic into sales faster than any other tool. But more importantly, your pop-ups can be personalized and optimized in real-time based on predictive analytics and customer data.

What Is Justuno and What Makes It Different from All Other Pop-ups?

Even though the main idea behind Justuno revolves around pop-ups, the platform is not just a pop-up builder. It’s a suite of digital tools that helps you reach your customers across channels. 

When you sign-up for the platform, you get access to this suite, which you can integrate into your marketing set of tools. After that, you can start building your campaigns. Even though it offers many tools, Justuno is simple and easy to use.

What makes Justuno stand out from all other pop-up building platforms? Its features include innovative segmentation and targeting. It helps you reach customers across different channels, and its data generation and analytics are easy to utilize and extremely effective.

How Does It Work? 

Justuno’s unique engagement strategy allows you to create customized promotions and lead to 5X more customer engagement. Its themed pop-ups attract visitors’ attention and boost click engagements. But there’s more…

The platform’s conversion strategy allows you to create a unique buyer’s journey that will intuitively and seamlessly guide your visitors towards becoming customers and lead to actual checkouts. 

Justuno helps you direct your visitors to higher converting pages like product collections with CTA links or site messaging pop-ups.

With Justuno, you not only increase your conversion rates, but you get to track them in real-time. 

The History Of Pop-ups 

When we talk about pop-ups leading to more sales today, we can’t forget to mention the history of pop-ups and how far the evolution of this method has come. 

Pop-up ads first originated on tripod.com, which was a hosting site in the 90s. Ethan Zuckerman is referred to as the founder of pop-up ads. Using javascript, he came up with this method to connect an advertisement to a page without directly displaying the page. 

This method inspired a whole new generation of applications and add-ons and ultimately led to pop-up ads. That included some good and some not-so-good practices, which also led to the invention of pop-up blockers in the browsers we know today. 


In 2004, Yahoo! and eBay released a report stating that 95% of internet users back then had negative reactions to pop-up ads. 

Thankfully this trend has changed. More recent studies have shown that the world has grown accustomed to pop-ups, and if done correctly, they can be beneficial for a website. According to these studies, only 57% of the users share that websites should use fewer pop-ups. Marketers see them as great tools to capture more leads and draw attention to promotions and special offers for their clients. In 2020, it was estimated that the average cart abandonment rate was 88.5%. With Justuno pop-ups you can significantly decrease cart abandonment rates.

Justuno Is the Evolution Of Pop-ups 

Today Justuno lets you create customizable branded pop-ups based on sophisticated analytics with exit-intent triggers.

The platform’s unique set of tools allows you to increase lead capture and help you create unique themed pop-ups in sync with your brand. To convert your visitors into customers, you need personalization. Justuno offers just that. 

When creating your customized pop-ups, you need to keep in mind that with Justuno, you provide something of value for your current and future customers. Customize your pop-up to inspire a sense of urgency by utilizing the platform’s special features.

Here are Some of Justuno’s Special Features 

Lead Capture

Build a database with onsite lead captures. This feature is designed to convert your visitors into subscribers. 

Advanced Segmentation 

With this feature, you can create advanced segmentation and targeting scenarios based on collected customer behavior data. 

Exit offers 

When exit behavior is detected, this feature allows you to engage your visitors, creating urgency with irresistible offers and leading them to your products’ page. 

Countdown Timers 

Justuno’s Countdown Timers allows you to encourage your visitors’ engagement and conversion, creating a sense of urgency. 


This feature helps you collect SMS subscribers easily by tapping once to opt-in and once more to send a text. 


Gamification boosts engagement even more. It allows you to display onsite interactive games like slot machines and spin-to-wins where your customers can spin a wheel and try their luck to win a discount. 

Social Follow and Share 

This feature helps you boost your media profiles and engage with your visitors better across their favorite social media channels and opens up even more marketing opportunities.

Let’s Summarize Why Everyone Loves Justuno

Justuno is not just a pop-up builder. It is a platform that offers a variety of tools to help you capture more leads, grow your email list and reduce cart abandonment. Since it is designed especially for eCommerce websites, the platform would help you generate more sales and ultimately create loyal customers.

What is so fascinating about this platform is that it offers pop-ups that work and help your business grow and convert your visitors into customers seamlessly and intuitively. It is the evolution of pop-ups, and we simply love it.