Guide to successfully marketing your appliance repair company online

Guide to successfully marketing your appliance repair company online

You’re confident about the services you offer and you already have a roster of regular and loyal clients, but is the success of your appliance repair company solely limited to your business offerings? Unfortunately, not. If you’re looking to reach a wider market and customer base, and you want to convince potential new customers to continue using your services, marketing your business online is crucial for growing your appliance repair company and establishing a name in the industry.

The days of Yellow pages are behind us, and most of your customers are searching for appliance repair services such as yours online. In fact, most of these searches happen on their mobile devices ­– think smartphones, iPads, and laptops – in just a few clicks. Quick Google searches show a multitude of Google ads, SEO ranked pages, and blogs for appliance repair services along with phone numbers, website listings, and more. So, don’t fall behind in your online marketing game. We can help you create a strong presence online and make sure you’re top of sight and top of mind for your prospective as well as loyal customers. Below are just some of the quick and effective online advertising guidelines and marketing tips that may come in handy if you want to build a strong online presence for your appliance repair services business.

Website and Online Presence

Website and mobile apps are a great way to help your customers find you. A well-built, mobile-friendly website with social media presence, perhaps a built-in blog where you can cover various appliance repair blogs, do’s and don’ts, etc. would ensure that you get higher google rankings, and will improve the quality of your online presence. Not to mention, it helps build trust with your customers and creates a positive top of mind recall for your business. So, the first step would be ensuring you have a holistic presence online that includes a website, social media presence, ensuring your website and blog are SEO friendly, and you have a pay-per-click advertising plan in place, all of which we can seamlessly help with.

If you have your website and blog set up and you’re regularly posting new service updates and blog articles, you can start focusing on reaching out to and being noticed by potential customers, which brings us to:

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

When it comes to utilizing SEM and SEO to generate new leads and increasing your revenue streams, it’s important to think as your customer does. SEM and SEO experts can help you create an excellent SEO and SEM strategy with keywords that your prospective customers use while looking for services like yours. A well-thought-out SEO and SEM marketing plan will put your website and your blogs in front of your customers the moment they try searching for appliance repair services in their local area or city. Moreover, most internet marketing is inexpensive in comparison to traditional marketing and can be used by small and new businesses easily. You can use it to create awareness for your appliance repair services, get leads, and even inquiries.

Ensuring Positive Online Listings and Reviews

Sometimes a part of your SEO strategy, at other times a part of your overall online marketing plan – it’s important to ensure your appliance repair service business is getting the necessary listings and positive reviews on sites where people search for services likes yours – think Yelp, Trustpilot, Google reviews and more. Speak to your marketing team to ensure they’re taking care of such listings and managing any negative reviews online. Customer reputation management for businesses like yours is an important tool in building loyalty and when you have the right agency handling your online reputation, they’ll know how to tackle this for you.

Social Media Presence and Management

Being present across various social media channels greatly boosts the top of mind recall value for your business, and it allows you to target your core audiences who may be looking for appliance repair services, plus it’s a good way to stay in touch with your loyal and regular customers. Using Social Media Marketing (advertising in text/image and video formats) for example stories on Instagram, or sponsored messages on Facebook, you can target your ads based on demographics (gender, age, etc.) and user characteristics (their interests, things they searched for, companies they follow, etc.). It’s important to remember, however, that choosing the right social medium for your business is important as that will determine the level of engagement, interaction and thus the success of your strategy, so speak to an expert to see which social platforms may work well for your business model.

In conclusion, no one type of online marketing initiative will get you all the results, small and big businesses today employ traditional as well as online mediums of marketing to achieve results. However, as an appliance repair service can generate way more leads and inquiries by being present online, it may be worth investing your time and money in building your online presence. Speak to an expert to understand the cost-effectiveness of creating a robust online marketing presence for your business today, and if you’d like to learn more about how Canesta can support your marketing initiatives, get in touch with us by filling the form below: