Effective Lead Nurturing Campaigns That Actually Generate a Response

You should adopt a killer marketing strategy if you want to secure new customers and dominate your marketplace. Although a killer marketing strategy can be developed in many ways, there are two main approaches. As one of the two, lead nurturing is a lot more cost-effective and helps to establish your brand. Thanks to the ever-growing presence of social media, there are many lead nurturing strategies available today. However, not all of them generate a response. Here are some lead nurturing campaigns that actually generate a response.

Targeted content

Targeted content is arguably the best way to develop a relationship with your leads. Readers are more likely to resonate with your brand if you are offering valuable and entertaining content. Your leads will come back for more if they enjoy your content. To determine the right content, you must understand their demographic and when they are most active. Understanding your target audience through social media responses, reviews, analytical software, and anecdotal evidence equips you with the knowledge to determine what content to offer and when.

If you have a varied demographic that needs different features at different times, you may find that your content isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. In such cases, you should work on having multiple sources of content for the different lead personas. For instance, your male demographic might respond through Facebook while your female demographic responds better through Pinterest.

Understanding this difference ensures you have the knowledge to create a different campaign for each platform including the information, images, and type of text featured. You can automate the process once you have learned how your audience responds.

Personalized content

Aside from targeted content, personalized content like customized emails that include the name of your lead generates as much as six times more response and revenue than generic email marketing. When it comes to lead nurturing, personalized emails outperform every other type of email marketing campaign. The most likely reason is that people love being respected and valued. Including their name makes them feel important and special. Personalized marketing is highly effective since it gets your leads to take notice and activates engagement instantly. Sending birthday cards or special coupons to your regular clients are also ways of personalizing your marketing strategy.

Multi-channel lead nurturing

Although email marketing is by far the most used lead nurturing strategy, it could still be the best. Email marketing allows you to fulfill many of your lead nurturing goals. Aside from the fact that emails can be personalized, they can educate your leads and remind them of your presence. However, statistics show that open rates rarely exceed 20%, which means you won’t be nurturing a significant portion of your leads if you focus solely on email marketing. It is, therefore, important that you adopt a multi-channel approach and work on nurturing your leads across various platforms. The other resources include social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, targeted landing pages, website content, and webinars.

Multiple points of contact

Before they can make a purchase, the average lead requires at least ten points of contact, which means you should provide more than ten opportunities for communication. Although ten points of contact might seem like a lot, you need to remember the customers’ journey. This journey often involves an encountered problem and how your product might resolve that issue. Apart from backing up your claims with evidence, the points of contact should address the customers’ primary concerns and build trust. Sharing reviews and testimonies, offering valuable blog content, e-books, free templates, and having a strong social media presence are ways to provide multiple points of contact.

Timed follow-ups

You will most likely generate a response if you follow-up a lead within the first five minutes. Following up with your audience while your brand and message are still fresh in their minds is one of the best ways to start your nurturing track. Compared to following up your leads after 30 minutes, you will be 21 times more likely to get a sale if you follow-up immediately. Thanks to technological advancement, you can now respond to text messages and emails within a matter of minutes. Customers want to feel like they matter, which means they want to be remembered. The sooner you follow-up, the more likely your audience is still browsing your website, which increases the likelihood of a response. Having an automated process to help you reach your prospective clients might be helpful and could include a phone call or email received as soon as a potential customer signs up. Remember, following up as quickly as possible does not make you look desperate.