Clutch Top Dev LA

Canesta Recognized as a Leading Developer in Los Angeles

In today’s digital world, it’s essential for businesses to keep up with the ever changing trends and technologies. At Canesta, we specialize in SEO, web and e-commerce development, and strategy to help businesses reach their highest potential. We’re excited to announce that Clutch just recently released a report on the top B2B companies in Los Angeles, and we’ve been selected as a top firm in the development category out of thousands of firms on the site.

“’s sophisticated ranking methodology helps us pinpoint the leading B2B service providers based on their specific skills and their ability to deliver results,” a member of awards selection committee at Clutch commented. “In a B2B market as expansive and competitive as Los Angeles, our research is especially valuable for clients who need to find the best partner to support their business.”

Clutch, a platform that publishes verified client reviews, spoke to our clients to get feedback about their experiences with us. In addition to client interviews, Clutch Analysts conduct market research to determine how our company performs in comparison to other digital agencies. We are proud of our partnership with Clutch, because if offers transparency to our clients and reaffirms our credibility in the industry. Our reviews go in to more depth about some of our most successful projects, but we wanted to highlight some of the feedback that led to this recognition:

“Their attention to detail and focus on achieving my goals have convinced me to use them again.”
Founder, Inner Heights Meditation

“Canesta is an active, collaborative, and transparent partner”
Founder & CEO, Pajamas for Peace

“The Canesta team are knowledge, transparent, honest, and patient mentors”
Founder, Practice U

These are truly kind words, and our team is highly appreciative. In addition to our feature on Clutch, Canesta also has a presence on their sister-site, The Manifest. This site differs from Clutch in that it is a platform that publishes business news and how-to articles on marketing and development best practices. We are happy to be listed here as well as one of the top shopify developer in Los Angeles. Clutch just launched a new site, Visual Objects, where companies can display their digital strategy in a visual format to prospective clients. These listings will continue to help Canesta connect with prospective partners through a transparent and comprehensive process.

In general, we could not be happier that Clutch has highlighted our company for our commitment to our clients’ success – a motto we stand by and will continuously strive to live up to. In 2019, we know that reviews are not optional, making this partnership with Clutch and our clients all the more valuable. Thank you to both for your continued support.