Canesta Named Top Development Agency in Bulgaria!

Growing up, we were the kids in school whose hand immediately shot in the air every time the teacher asked a question. Yeah, we were the overachievers. And we still are.

Recently, we’ve been named one of the top development companies in Bulgaria by Clutch!

Clutch is the leading global resource of company reviews. Similar to a good grade in school, their team rates top B2B companies on a scale, using factors like market presence, previous experience, and customer satisfaction to determine which agencies are performing the best.

You could say that we have straight-As because we’ve earned a perfect 5-star rating from all of our clients on Clutch!


Competitive and dedicated to creating results, our team prioritizes each client’s success. For us, this means creating unique online stores, engaging ad campaigns, and promoting your business the best way we know how. We connect brands with people and have the right resources to make every interaction count. By working with us, you can trust that you’re getting an engaged partner who is going to do everything to propel your business forward.

Want to review our work yourself? You can check out some of our previous projects on the portfolio-sharing site, Visual Objects. Ranked third among web designers in Bulgaria, it’s easy to see why we’re top of the class for both design and development.


We’ve also been featured highly on The Manifest’s rankings. A Clutch sister site, The Manifest posts research on the latest survey data, how-to articles, and shortlists of top-performing agencies. It’s a valuable resource if you’re looking for a new partner to engage with.

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