Bold Commerce Blog Article

Canesta Joins the Bold Commerce Agency Partner Program

Canesta today is excited to announce its latest partnership with Bold Commerce, the leading modular eCommerce solutions and tools provider, as part of its mission to build better digital experiences and interfaces for its clients. The partnership was initiated to enable the digital agency to implement flexible, modular technology to solve complex eCommerce problems.

Bold Commerce builds powerful, flexible, and customizable eCommerce solutions, and it’s built a strong partner network that make online stores more powerful. More than 90,000 merchants around the world turn to Bold Commerce for industry-leading eCommerce tools and software solutions to help power their online stores. Whether one is looking to increase sales, sell subscriptions, build loyalty programs, customize their checkout, or anything in between, Bold Commerce has a multitude of tools and solutions that work together to bring out their business’s full potential.

Canesta has joined the Bold Commerce Partner Program as an Agency Partner supporting their solution and clients with:

  • eCommerce Strategy & Consulting
  • eCommerce Responsive Design
  • eCommerce Development
  • Platform Migration
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing and more

This collaboration will give us access to the resources we’ll need to build optimized digital experiences for our clients too. From sales tools and specialized training to lead-referrals and co-marketing opportunities – our team of designers, developers, and marketers will look forward to utilizing the many tools and solutions available within the Bold Commerce Platform to provide robust solutions for our eCommerce clients.

Some of the Bold Commerce tool and solutions we’ve enjoyed working with are:

Bold Upsell & Cross-sells: Bold upsell allows your customers to replace or add items to their cart, so you can sell more. Plus, a series of upsells and cross-sell solutions that dynamically update based on the shopper’s previous choices, even if they decline the first offer.

Bold Subscriptions: Bold subscriptions allow you to generate predictable recurring revenue and build customer loyalty with customizable subscription programs that are unique to your business. 

Bold Loyalty Points and Rewards: Helps you create a loyalty program that motivates customers to spend more to reach rewards, and then shop again to use them. You can give members full access to your program with a customizable widget that also showcases your rewards to every visitor.

Bold Checkout: Helps you turn shoppers into loyal customers with a high-converting checkout experience. Customize the look, flow, and functionality of your checkout with flexible APIs and webhooks, plus give your customers an added sense of security, by displaying a custom URL.

Moreover, as their agency partner, our team of designers and developers receive on-one training for their solutions so we can better understand what our clients will receive with their apps, and which features will best align with their business’s needs.

“As a recent Bold agency partner who’s observed their roster of solutions as well as partners, our confidence in their products and abilities remain high. They are the perfect solution for a creative agency that needs powerful digital solutions for their eCommerce clients. Even better? Their team also provides brilliant partner support.”

Stav Sarandiev, Chief Marketing Officer at Canesta

For more information on Bold Commerce and how your eCommerce business can benefit from their customized checkout solution and our expertise, contact our team today!