Canesta Joins Bing Partner Program

As a Google certified partner, we know the value of PPC certification and the on-going learning process. A growing number is using Bing as their primary search engine due to the enhanced search experience in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10. Working alongside e-commerce brands in different verticals, our data analytics team sees an average of almost 15% of web traffic coming from Bing search, which is one of the reasons why we joined the Bing Partner Program.

Bing was for a long time the secondary choice when launching paid search campaigns, mostly because marketers underestimated the actual value of this platform and the unique audience it offers. By expanding the Bing Partner Program to SMB partners, technology partners, and agencies globally, Bing opened up an entirely new level of opportunities to valued advertisers.

Gone are the days when Bing played catch-up to the new, creative applications launched by Google within AdWords. In recent times, Bing has implemented comparable features and tools. As a result, the last few years have been much more exciting for Bing Ads. In fact, Bing even has some outstandingly unique features that Google does not offer. As a result, we see the potential of significant success with Bing campaigns. In some cases, the projected outcomes far surpass results obtained through the highly competitive Google platform.

Top tier partners have access to dedicated account management, exclusive events, industry research, in-person training, and vertical insights. Apart from the benefits listed above, the Bing Partner Program offers a deeper level of recognition and engagement as well. As valued partner, we will receive technical and sales training, brand association with Bing or Microsoft, special opportunities, and access to valuable marketing content.

As digital marketers, we could not dismiss the possibility that Bing is a viable ad channel. In fact, we now know that Bing Ads provide a competitive advantage. In our experience, Bing Ads are one of the most effective drivers of brand visibility, leads and sales. In some accounts, Bing significantly outperforms Google, especially if you consider the cost-effectiveness and quality of the results. However, our success is probably impacted by our industry, audience and goals.