Canesta has formed a partnership with Trustpilot

What does this mean for our current and prospective clients?

Canesta has formed a partnership with Trustpilot, the leading global review platform, as part of our ongoing mission to add more value to our clients’ experience with us and our business, and to instil confidence and credibility in our service, which in return will build excellence within our business and service offerings.

With more than 100 million consumer reviews of over 400,000 companies and websites, Trustpilot empowers consumers to share their feedback any time with businesses and other consumers, as well as being a place to find businesses they can trust. For Canesta, Trustpilot will prove to be a powerful way to listen and respond to consumers, improve our services and earn trust. Trustpilot reviews and widgets have more than 6 billion online impressions every month, and as the platform is open to all consumers as well as businesses and independent of both, it allows us to get an unbiased insight into our clients’ experiences with us, thus helping us improve our offerings.

For us as a business, this partnership will help us:

  • Build a good reputation online, which in turn will lead to increased conversions
  • Build better customer relations
  • Give us a focal point and direct us to certain areas that may need improvements 
  • Plus, it will help potential clients take notice of the business’s reputation by seeing all the recent reviews. 

This partnership will provide huge value to our current as well as prospective clients, as Trustpilot will enable us to listen and respond to our customers and build long-term trust. Stav Sarandiev, Chief Marketing Officer at Canesta, believes that Trustpilot shares Canesta’s core values of transparency, trust, and customer-first approach. And it will now enable the business to widely connect with other businesses seamlessly and get an honest picture of where the business stands with the current client base, and it will also help the digital agency to showcase their abilities to prospective businesses who’d want to work with Canesta.

“Our approach moving forward will be to introduce Trustpilot to our network, as we’re constantly working on expanding, launching new services, and introducing digital innovations for our clients. As such, we’re incredibly excited to be working with Trustpilot, who’ve managed to build a prestigious and high-profile platform”, Stav added.

Canesta offers eCommerce solutions, digital marketing services as well as UX design and integration expertise. Whether one wants to re-platform their eCommerce store, or update their website with fresh branding and improved UX, we, as a digital agency are known to tailor each project to suit our clients’ needs, big or small. And we’d like to continue our strive to do our best work for our clients. The partnership with Trustpilot will bring even greater exposure for the client’s businesses, as user reviews can be immensely beneficial as well as insightful for a company’s online profile, its growth trajectory, and future developments.

David Flagg, Director of Business Development at Canesta, further added, “This new relationship that we have forged with Trustpilot is significant to how far we have come and how rapidly we have grown, over the last couple of years in particular. And moving forward, working alongside this platform will show our commitment to excellence and help us support and grow our clients’ businesses. It sure is a reflection of our determination to see our clients succeed online too.”