OnePiece Work

Canesta Continues to Grow While Collaborating With the Most Innovative Brands

As the company grows and adds new team members, the need for larger and better-equipped office space becomes pressing. We at Canesta were at that exact point a few months ago. Our team has grown almost double in size this past year and it was pretty clear we have to make some changes in order to not allow any compromise in our day-to-day operations and customer service.

As we are based in Los Angeles, we started looking for office space somewhere in the area. We were searching for a place, where the firm will be easily accessible for clients and at the same time all the necessary communications will be present. Canesta is a high-performing service agency, so to us, it is natural to seek and collaborate with other brands, that strive to provide services in the most innovative and professional way. This is the reason why we chose to partner with OnePiece Work.

OnePiece Work is a global co-working community and platform. They provide the spaces, events, and professional connections that technology companies need to grow and unlock global markets. Their workspaces are designed from the ground up for collaboration. Each location features interactive lounges and event spaces tailored to bring people together – from casual conversations to formal meetings and events. Their community platform and curated events are designed to create opportunities for networking, education, and mentorship for companies looking to grow globally.

OnePiece Work is a home for the workforce of the future. Since 2017, they’ve worked with over 250 companies in 30+ tech-focused industries to create a space that’s not just a place to get work done — but a community that’s welcoming, inclusive, and supportive of one another.

This is exactly the kind of place we at Canesta want to conduct business in. A big part of our clients is based on the west coast. So when we have to meet up with a client in Seattle, for example, we use the OnePiece Work office space in the city. The place is very welcoming and predisposing to collaboration. Our partner has 8 locations on the west coast and 2 more in China, which makes possible for us to do business on a global scale.

The brand is based in Silicon Valley, but you can find it in many strategic tech hubs around the world. Of course, every OnePiece Work location is uniquely designed to reflect the spirit of the local culture. They build workspaces led by what local members need.

OnePiece Work offers Lite membership, that is perfect for small business owners and freelancers who would like to travel around with flexible access at any of their multiple locations worldwide. With the global rise of freelance and entrepreneurship culture, the business world is moving quickly and changing rapidly. This is very important for Canesta, as we can work together with associates all over the world through this platform.

Yes, we’ve chosen our newest partner based on all these strategic features, but there is one more major reason that made us go 100% into this collaboration. As OnePiece Work partner, Canesta gains access to their portfolio of partner companies engaged in market research, business development, fundraising, recruiting, product localization, and office space in tech hubs around the world. Inside such a community, we can build a connection with a diverse global network of doers and disrupters, which can serve us as a support system for providing better services to our clients.

Our team at Canesta always try hard to find ways to add more value to the services we provide. We recognize the potential a strong partnership has and all the benefits it can provide to us in the form of opportunities and growth. And when technology and innovation are the cornerstones of collaboration, then the sky is the limit.