Building timeless brands.

Find your voice and personality.

With research-driven and creative design and positioning solutions, we’ll help you create an imaginative, timeless persona that’s in touch with your consumers.


What you get

Brand Planning

We’ll look at your company’s core values and objectives to define your positioning, visual identity, tone of voice as well as how it all works together to represent the core of your business.

Visual Identity

From your new logo to guidelines that’ll be at the heart of your brand personality, we’ll deliver it all (vector files included) so you have full ownership of your new brand identity.

Brand Experience

And because consistency is key, we’ll be happy to work with you and show you how your brand looks and feels across all channels of the marketing mix – from your website to social media, display, and more.

Start growing your business with our help.

Research & Brand Strategy

We learn about your business and your customers – it fuels our ability to gather the information that helps us create a strategic vision and mission for your business. In turn, helping us provide an effective design solution. In this phase, we work with you to establish who you are, your values, and what your business stands for. This is step 1 to creating a lasting, timeless brand that attracts loyalty from stakeholders, employees, and of course, your customers.

Competition Corporate Branding

Competition Analysis

It’s important to get an in-depth understanding of your organization – your core values, goals and ambitions to develop your brand, but to give your brand personality a boost, it’s equally important to understand your competitors. After all, the primary goal of creating a brand identity and brand positioning is competitive differentiation – it’s what makes you stand out. We study your competition to identify key differentiators and areas that your brand may need more work in.

Buyer Persona

If you can’t engage with your potential customer at the right time and in the right tone, you may lose them and their interest in your business. That’s why we use market research and actual data on your current customer base to create Buyer Personas that helps us understand your target audience and thus ensure we relate to them and create your branding and messaging that resonates with them.

Buyer Persona Corporate Branding

Brand Mission

Your business’s purpose (or mission as we call it) is not the same as its goals. Your mission defines why your business exists in the first place. The mission statement in return shapes the tone of your brand. And we’re here to help you establish that, so your brand tone of voice, vision as well as the mission statements resonates with your customers.

Logo Design

One of the most important elements of your new brand identity – your logo represents your company on every piece of marketing communications and beyond. After we’ve established your business’s vision and mission, we get to work to establish an ingenious identity for your business via your logo – as experts in graphical aesthetics, we ensure your logo represents the various nuances of your business, from its core beliefs and values to its personality.


Brand Style Guide

Your corporate brand guidelines will include your brand story, strategy, mission statement and the tone of voice that’ll help you communicate effectively and consistently across all marketing channels. We will build these functional brand guidelines for you so no matter who your work with in the future, the visual identity and personality of your brand are consistent across the market.

Label & Packaging Design

With over 10+ years of experience, creative ideas and strategic thinking backing our expertise, our clients have come to recognize us as industry experts in brand building and packaging – and we hope, if we work together, you’ll see us the same way. You can learn more about our label and packaging design process here.


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