Blockchain & NFT Digital Agency

More than just cryptocurrency financial services, blockchain has become the fastest decentralized, secure way to transfer data.

 Canesta provides blockchain advisory and creative blockchain digital marketing solutions to ensure your company reaches the next level of growth.

What you get

Web3 Integration

With Web3 integration, you can build decentralized applications on a blockchain network. That allows users to gain data ownership most securely via smart contracts and handle all of their backend decentralized applications and transactions. Our team expert team at Canesta knows that Web3 is the future and will help you every step of the way in the process of realization of your dapps (decentralized applications), bringing your company into the future of Web.

Blockchain Development

Blockchain is the new digital quantum leap that will revolutionize the way the Internet works. By adopting blockchain technology for your company, you will be among the first accelerated and integrated businesses, spreading your data exchange exponentially faster and in the most cost-effective and secure way. Our blockchain development team will work tirelessly to elevate your business with the newest cutting-edge blockchain solutions.

NFT Strategy and Artwork

Besides decentralized applications, developers build effective NFT (non-fungible tokens) to promote artwork and photography. Having a successful NFT website will help you target your audience faster more effectively, increase brand awareness and build a community that will boost your company’s influence and reliability. Our creative team will help you create and execute a successful NFT strategy that will become a game changer for your business, excelling your company’s market worth.

Fundraising Strategy

Crypto and NFT users generate the fastest-growing fundraising possibilities online. Connecting you with the right people is one of the most crucial aspects of your project’s guaranteed success. With a well-implemented fundraising strategy, you can reach the right investors who would be interested in your company’s venture. Our goal is to connect you with the right people and raise funds for your startup. We will develop the most prominent fundraising strategy tailored uniquely to your company’s needs.

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Web3 and blockchain have a massive impact on the way people think, do business, market and promote their work. Blockchain is a new way of storing and transferring information digitally, and it plays a vital role in how users will secure and record transactions today and in the future. That leap has also rippled its effect into a new technological advancement for digital marketing. With the new type of consumers and data transaction, we will put your brand on top of the new wave of the exploding blockchain industry.

Canesta_Blockchain_ICO Consultancy

ICO Consultancy

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) is the new crowdfunding way for blockchain companies to raise capital. Businesses that offer tokens can reach investors who might be interested in their projects much faster and distribute them on the blockchain network. Our team will assess your unique company’s unique specifications, analyze and provide expert advice on whether or not ICO is what your company needs.


Crypto and NFTs play a significant role in the digital landscape. Many brands in different industries seize the opportunities in blockchain technological advancement and utilize cryptographic versions of their assets to raise brand awareness and increase brand trust while building a community around it. Our digital expert team will tailor the perfect brand strategy incorporating the newest blockchain and NFT technologies to make your brand recognizable, trusted, and highly sought-after.

Canesta_Blockchain_Web Design

Web Design

Web Design is one of the most important aspects of your digital representation. It attracts visitors and compels them to return time and again. It is vital for businesses of all industries, especially for companies that rely more on digital presentation.
A unique web design tailored especially for your brand’s needs and your blockchain or NFT project is essential, when it comes to becoming recognizable and influential in the industry. Our team of professional web designers will craft cutting-edge state-of-the-art illustrations and graphic elements to make your project stand out from the crowd.

Smart Contract Development and Deployment

Smart contract is crucial for your blockchain project. It is the agreement between two or more parties, stored on the blockchain, containing terms and conditions for all parties involved.

Our team will tailor custom deployment blockchain security for your smart contact and help ensure that the specific conditions are met and executed.

Canesta_Blockchain_Smart Contract Development and Deployment

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a key player in businesses’ growth of any industry. As blockchain technology rapidly evolves and creates a much faster, more secure, and direct interaction between brands and consumers, digital marketing has never been more important in this process.

Blockchain digital marketing is the most innovative approach allowing businesses to assess and track data movement much faster and more efficiently. Our professional digital marketing team will utilize the latest technologies to tailor unique blockchain digital marketing solutions and techniques to help your business accelerate ahead in the game.

Community Building and Management

Community building is key for the development and success of your blockchain projects. It is not enough to have a successful digital marketing campaign and good online representation. Building a crypto or NFT community on the blockchain network helps your business impact people, providing more value and help businesses interact much more effectively with their users. Our experienced professional team of marketers will you help you build solid relationships and successfully grow and manage a community around your brand.

Canesta_Blockchain_Community Building and Management

We partner with WAM

To guarantee your blockchain and NFT project’s success, Canesta has partnered with WAM – a company thriving in the gaming and crypto industries. The WAM team built and launched, a play-to-earn social gaming platform. They have successfully secured funding of over $3M at a valuation of over $20M and impressive app stats.