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BigCommerce PPC

BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform with countless features for customization, allowing you to create a unique online store for your business and increase your sales. The platform is ideal for online stores from all kinds of industries. And because it is a flexible SaaS platform (software as a service), it doesn’t require you to host your online store separately.

BigCommerce is easy to use and doesn’t require you to have extensive technical knowledge. However, when it comes to promoting your online store with PPC campaigns (pay-per-click) it is best to hire a professional digital agency to create and manage your campaigns and overall online presence.

At Canesta, we know that your BigCommerce store is your digital shop window where you present your inventory to the world. You cannot rely only on random organic traffic without any PPC and social media marketing just as much as you can’t rely solely on traffic on the street.

BigCommerce PPC

What is BigCommerce PPC?

BigCommerce PPC (pay-per-click) digital advertising is a digital marketing strategy that aims to increase your revenue fast by bringing potential buyers to your store and delivering you the highest conversion rate possible. PPC campaigns aim not only to jump your website to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) but also to lead actual sales.

A successfully implemented BigCommerce PPC is an all-encompassing paid marketing campaign strategy with a full-funnel approach that delivers a high conversion rate, helping you grow your BigCommerce store and prosper faster than any other marketing strategy.

Our BigCommerce experts at Canesta will tailor a unique structure for audience targeting and manage your budget effectively to get the maximum results, delivering you the best ROI (return on investment).

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Why does BigCommerce PPC Matter?

Driving traffic to your online store is not the only goal your website should have. What if you have a lot of visitors to your website, but your conversion rates don’t increase exponentially, and you’re not reaching your desirable growth? That would be because traffic doesn’t necessarily mean purchases. You may have a lot of people visiting your website, but they may not be your potential buyers. It means that if they aren’t interested in your products, investing in merely increasing your visibility online can turn out to be futile if your campaigns are not focused on conversions.

That’s why PPC for BigCommerce is so important. It ensures that you get a target audience of buyers ready to purchase your products. The people that come to your online store should have the intent to buy, meaning that they should be already searching for your products online.

At Canesta, we know the importance of crafting PPC campaigns, focusing on increasing conversion rates for your online business. As certified BigCommerce specialists, we tailor prominent campaigns that best utilize your budget for advertising.

Why does BigCommerce PPC Matter

Keyword Strategy

Although the pay-per-click model of advertising is a fast route to ensuring your visibility on networks like Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping, YouTube, and other partner sites, the keywords must be used by your  products’ potential buyers – people already searching for your products. At Canesta, we choose a keyword strategy that matches your offering and corresponds to the way people look for your products.

Our BigCommerce PPC campaign management solutions are entirely results-driven. Canesta’s BigCommerce experts focus on increasing the ROI (return on investment) of your PPC campaigns along with boosting your conversion rate. Before launching your paid ad campaign, we thoroughly evaluate your store’s performance. We eliminate underperforming strategies and develop the best possible techniques, ensuring a fast revenue increase.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking needs to be set up before your PPC Campaign. This process is complex, and it is not merely placing ads on Google that are then left untouched. Conversion tracking of your paid ads requires several setup steps. It includes constant monitoring and complex analysis of data. We test, monitor, and analyze your ads performance, ensuring your PPC campaigns’ success.

Having a wealth of data from extensive PPC campaigns analytics reports is not enough to establish a successful campaign and get the most of your paid advertising. At Canesta, we do effective testing to create an extensive analysis of your campaign results. Our goal is to bring you the most of what you pay for, and our PPC strategies and techniques are entirely results-driven.

Canesta’s PPC grew a niche medical brand from $36k/mo to $164/mo in two years

In 2 years, Canesta achieved a 75% increase in paid traffic to Pranicura’s website. This significant increase of 65,254 organic visitors lead to a 162% increase in direct transactions from paid search and a 241% increase in the organic revenue (+$113k).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is BigCommerce PPC different from BigCommerce SEO?

The main difference between PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns for BigCommerce and BigCommerce SEO is that the latter is more of a long-term solution, meant to boost traffic to your website in the long run, whereas PPC strategies consist of campaigns with paid ads that lead to instant traffic and conversions. With PPC campaigns, you will see instant results (more customers – more revenue). At Canesta, we know that having a steady flow of new customers is crucial for your online store. That’s why our goal is to get you on the fast-paced track of high conversion rates as soon as possible.

How do I drive more traffic to my BigCommerce store with PPC?

Implementation of successful PPC campaign strategies will surely drive more traffic to your website almost immediately after launching them. However, just driving more traffic to your online store may not be enough to ensure fast ROI (return on investment) or an increase in revenue. At Canesta, we look at the bigger picture. We test, analyze and craft PPC strategies that aim to bring you high conversion rates, turning most of your visitors into buyers.

How long does it take to see actual results from BigCommerce PPC?

Crafting your BigCommerce PPC is an all-encompassing complex process that requires research, competition analysis, keyword planning, campaign management, and more. For our BigCommerce clients, we first create a thorough analysis of their market niche and competitors. We evaluate their BigCommerce store’s current performance by analyzing complex data, and we find the right relevant keywords that will help your campaigns boost your revenue. Our PPC campaigns reap rewards, and you should very quickly see positive results in revenue.

What is a successful BigCommerce PPC strategy?

A successful PPC campaign would rank you better on the SERPs  (search engines results pages) based on keyword bidding auctions and other factors like landing page optimization, your website’s quality, and more. These factors generally evaluate how great your website’s user experience is. At Canesta, we analyze all those factors, and we implement successful strategies for running PPC campaigns on all the major platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram. These platform giants show consumers the most relevant results to your prominent customers’ searches, and our goal is to get you at the very top of their pages.

How do I know if PPC is good for my BigCommerce store?

Every BigCommerce shop is eligible for PPC campaigns. However, to deliver the maximum value to your company, our team at Canesta may need to implement other strategies, including SEO and social media, complement your PPC campaigns, power up your online presence, increase your visibility and squeeze the maximum value from your investment in advertising. We know how to bring BigCommerce stores to their desirable position – at the very top.

Why should I hire Canesta for my BigCommerce PPC?

Over the years, our expert team of talented SEO strategists has dOur expert team at Canesta has a deep understanding of how BigCommerce works and has crafted countless successful PPC campaigns, helping clients outperform competitors and excel in their niches. We know that each online store has unique specifications, like branding, products,  market niche, and more. We tailor individual PPC campaigns for each one, utilizing the right tools, using our creativity and innovative knowledge. We analyze complex data and develop strategies that will drive the most conversions for your website.

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