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Amazon PPC

Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) is a form of advertising where sellers can create their product ad campaigns and exponentially increase their sales on Amazon. Usually, PPC for Amazon is done by professional advertisers and marketers who pay a fee every time a user clicks on the PPC ad (pay-per-click). 

With Amazon PPC, you can choose between three types of Amazon ads depending on your business’s specific needs and following what you want to achieve. When it comes to Amazon PPC, vendors can control their budget and ad campaigns’ flexibility.

At, Canesta, we know how to utilize Amazon’s features and increase your products’ visibility, placing you at the top of the platform’s search results page. Our expert marketing team will leverage Amazon’s potential for PPC campaigns and deliver you the sales growth you desire.

BigCommerce PPC

What is Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns are perfect for all Amazon sellers. They allow businesses to position themselves at the top of Amazon’s search and maximize sales. 

With Amazon PPC, you can choose from different ad types based on your advertising goals and budget. You can control the flexibility of your campaigns and constantly monitor how well your ads are doing through different detailed reports. The platform offers different targeting options from categories and keywords to brands and products, enabling us to reach your potential buyers – people searching for your products on the platform. 

Our marketing team will tailor successful PPC campaigns for your products on Amazon and create powerful messaging, reaching the right audience. We will capture the attention of your potential customers, who are already searching for your products on Amazon, and present them your offers in a way they can’t resist.

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Why does Amazon PPC Matter?

The effectiveness of Amazon PPC comes from the fact that it allows you to place your ad campaigns where your potential buyers go shopping (Amazon). It enables marketers to promote products and make them more visible to more people, with ads appearing on browsers, desktops, mobile, and Amazon’s app.

PPC is vital for your brand’s success on Amazon. The platform offers merchants the opportunity to quickly excel in their advertising and reach their potential buyers, thus increasing their customers base substantially. With Amazon PPC, businesses can find the right keywords to bid on and manage their campaigns’ budget smarter. 

Our Amazon PPC experts have in-depth knowledge and experience in advertising on the platform. We tailor Amazon PPC campaigns that work in diverse ways, encompassing the entire spectrum of the platform’s ads tools to give you a real competitive edge, increase your ROI and ultimately lead to exponential growth in sales for your business.

Why does BigCommerce PPC Matter

Keyword Strategy

Although the pay-per-click model of advertising is a fast route to ensuring Keywords would determine if your product listing is relevant to the customer search so that your ads can appear in the desirable places on Amazon. There are three keyword match types: broad, phrase, and exact. They vary in terms of targeting. At Canesta, we know how to do a thorough keyword search and generate relevant keywords for the success of your Amazon PPC campaigns.

Before the campaign launching, it is best to have set all of your keywords and bid adjustments. Amazon PPC is an auction-style system where the highest bids for relevant keywords win. We will set up a campaign to advertise multiple products simultaneously. Our Amazon PPC experts will tailor your campaigns according to your niche, products, and budget.

Costs Control

With sponsored PPC ad campaigns on Amazon, you only pay when potential customers click on your ad. We can determine how much you can afford to bid per click and set a limited budget. Amazon allows businesses to choose which products they want to list, set campaign duration, and bid adjustments. Our expert team will evaluate your costs and deliver more sales, increasing your ROI.

Measuring your success is crucial for your Amazon PPC. Proper tracking of your campaign performance ensures that we make conscious decisions. Based on the results, we make necessary adjustments to improve your campaigns. Your conversion rate is one of the most important factors that we will consider. 

Canesta Helped With The Amazon Set Up For A Innovative Hair Care Brand

Canesta has set up an Amazon Seller Central account, Amazon Prime, and created A+ Content and sponsored ads for a natural haircare brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC?

Like all SEO and PPC, Amazon SEO focuses on improving your products’ visibility through optimization. It is free and usually takes longer than Amazon PPC (pay-per-click), which includes costs but improves visibility much quicker and leads to more customers faster. A successful marketing strategy needs both Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC. For every Amazon vendor, who wants to reach the desired sales growth and boost revenue fast, it is important to have well-throughout SEO and PPC strategy. At Canesta, we know how to get your products on the desired placements on Amazon’s search page by launching successful Amazon PPC campaigns for your business.

How long does it take to see results from my Amazon PPC campaigns?

Although Overnight success is rare for any campaign, Amazon PPC works fairly fast. After the initial launch, Amazon PPC ad campaigns may take up to three months before seeing results. Throughout this time, we will gather valuable data and analyze it thoroughly. It will help us improve the performance of your Amazon PPC campaigns and enables us to implement necessary adjustments. Our expert Amazon PPC team will work tirelessly to accomplish your company’s desirable goals as fast as possible.

What type of ads are there and how can I run Amazon ad campaigns?

Amazon has three ad types: Sponsored Products (the most popular), Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display Ads. Sponsored product ads are campaigns that resemble general PPC ads on Google or Bing. They include a keyword and product targeting for individual products, placing them on the search results pages or in the carousel on a product detail page. Sponsored Brand ads showcase different products simultaneously. They appear on the top of the search results page, above Sponsored Product ads. Product display ads lead to the product detail page, and they are available only for registered Amazon vendors. These ads appear on the right, and the bottom of the search result page, on the customer review pages and are included in Amazon-generated marketing emails. Our team tailors successful Amazon PPC ad campaigns after conducting a thorough examination of the company’s specific needs and niche. We will find the best Amazon PPC solution for your business.

Is it worth investing in Amazon PPC, and what is the average cost?

If you sell on Amazon, you need to invest in PPC. The cost of your PPC should be around 2.5% of your ACoS (actual cost of sales). Its effectiveness depends on identifying the right keywords and harnessing the power of Amazon’s tools. We implement the right strategies that will deliver sustainable results. At Canesta, we know how to target and boost your products’ visibility and squeeze the maximum out of your Amazon PPC campaigns.

How can I improve my Amazon PPC performance?

To improve your Amazon PPC performance, you need to improve your products’ visibility, which may require bid adjustments and a thorough analysis of your product placement reports and see which placement was the best. At Canesta, we create an in-depth analysis of the reports provided by Amazon for your campaign. We identify which placements work best, and we work tirelessly to reach the marketing goals we set for your products and get them in the highest possible positions.

Why should I hire Canesta for my Amazon PPC campaigns?

Successful Amazon PPC campaigns create a fast route generating more sales. That’s why you need the right marketing team for the job. At Canesta, we know how to tailor PPC campaigns that capture your target audience. Our expert marketing team has vast know-how and experience in Amazon PPC for various industries. We will place you right at the top of the Amazon search page to get your business the desired results.

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