Amazon Pay – Why Does Your E-Commerce Business Need It

Amazon Pay – Why Does Your E-Commerce Business Need It?

Ensuring your customers have an outstanding customer experience is essential for any e-commerce business. Even so, most e-commerce sites’ payment processes are quite inconvenient, particularly because users’ have to enter credit card and address details almost every time they use these solutions. Fortunately, you can quickly solve that issue and provide a more streamlined checkout process with Amazon Pay.

What Is Amazon Pay

Amazon is a popular payment method that integrates with an e-commerce platform to allow customers to check out with Amazon credentials quickly. It means customers spend less time checking out and thereby contributes to higher conversion rates.

Let’s explore more about Amazon Pay and analyze why a savvy e-commerce business probably needs it.

How Amazon Pay Affects Conversion Rate

Amazon Pay improves customer confidence by adding an extra layer of trust and security. When customers trust your brand, they are more likely to complete the checkout and carry out the buy action. Thus, having Amazon Pay on your e-commerce site will have a positive impact on your overall conversion rate.

The other notable way Amazon Pay favorably impacts conversion rate is that it reduces the checkout times to a few seconds. Users have no need of entering their address or payment information since the correct data is already in their Amazon account.

An apparent improvement in conversion rates is particularly notable in mobile sales since Amazon Pay makes the mobile sales experience seamless.

Why E-commerce Businesses Need Amazon Pay and How It Can Improve Their Bottom Line

Amazon is currently one of the biggest online retailers, boasting up to 80% of worldwide customers. E-commerce retailers can immensely benefit from this vast customer base by integrating Amazon Pay into their payment processes.

Websites that provide this well-known digital payment system to their global clientele will likely have more sales along with multiple other benefits, as shown below:

  1. Security and Trust

By offering the Amazon Pay option, your e-commerce store instantly gains the enormous trust people have in the Amazon marketplace and its status for remarkable security. It shows potential customers that you have similar business standards to those of the world’s biggest online retailer. Plus, your clients will not even have to key in their data on your website, as all the essential payment information is already linked to their Amazon account.

  1. More Convenience

Most customers tend to get frustrated with the need to enter their payment information every time they make a purchase online, particularly on a small smartphone screen. Amazon Pay offers more convenience since your clients will only need a few clicks to complete the order process. Reducing the barriers between your client and checkout will help boost your conversion rates.

  1. Optimized for Mobile

Most online shoppers conduct their shopping on smartphones. That is why having a mobile-optimized store is essential for you to succeed in the e-commerce industry. Amazon Pay provides a mobile-ready experience, making it the ideal choice for your e-commerce business.

  1. Prevents Shipping Mistakes

Each time a buyer needs to type their information into an order form, there’s a significant likelihood they could make an error. However, with Amazon Pay, your client’s shipping data is directly synced from the Amazon account. This means you will get the right address to fulfill the order, and thus ensure more dependable shipping.

  1. Excellent ROI

While Amazon Pay charges a small transaction fee, akin to other payment providers, the significant rise in conversion rates on your e-commerce store is worth it. Besides having reasonably low prices, it is also well known and widely used by many people, further offsetting the fees. Simply put, Amazon Pay offers an excellent return on investment.

  1. Fraud Prevention

E-commerce businesses immensely benefit from Amazon Pay’s incredible fraud prevention technology. This payment method uses the same fraud protection solutions as the main Amazon website, which means merchants don’t suffer from fraud-linked charge-backs. When you avoid fraud along with the ensuing debt, you can effectively prevent considerable losses.

  1. Increases Sales

Modern users want the convenience and seamless buying experience of paying for their products or services with a couple of clicks. These Faster checkout times and more convenience contribute to greater sales. This solution also makes payments easier for your mobile shoppers, which is how most customers shop nowadays.

Which E-Commerce Cart Integrate Amazon Pay?

Here is a list of some of the major e-commerce providers that can integrate Amazon Pay:

Now Is the Time

Amazon Pay is a must-have for any e-commerce business as it has significant potential to reduce cart abandonment besides boosting your conversions. This payment method delivers a hassle-free checkout while increasing the trustworthiness of your site. All these factors make Amazon Pay worth investing in your e-commerce site today!