5 Steps to Kickstart Your New Facebook Business Page

With more than one billion users a month, Facebook is one of the most popular online platforms today. As such, we can safely state that this social media site represents a unique, standalone online nation. Considering the traffic that goes through Facebook, setting up a page for your business is currently one of the smartest and most effective marketing strategies.

A brand Facebook page allows you to advertise your product and engage with your target audience. You can hear what your target audience has to say and respond immediately. If you are looking to grow your business, here are five steps to kickstart your brand Facebook page.

Set up your page

To get started, click on the create page link and look at the main categories listed. Decide which one best suits your business and click the appropriate box. Browse through the categories detailed in the drop-down menu and look for the one that resonates well with your business. Fill in your brand and click get started to continue. Pick a profile picture next. Placing your company logo might be best since you are creating a brand page. You want people to recognize your brand and become familiar with it.

About section: people can view the first 155 characters included in the about section from the top of your brand’s Facebook Page. As such, the message you place here is highly visible. Make sure the content is clear, compelling and resourceful. Focus the message on what your brand offers and why it is unique. Remember to include a link to your site or any other relevant link.

Cover photo: Do not underestimate the importance of a good cover photo. Because of its size and location, this is your page’s prime attraction. Make sure the cover photo is right for your business, draws people in, and emphasizes on your brand messaging. You can also include your company name, contact information and a call to action.

Get the first 100 fans

With no fans, your brand Facebook page is useless. To make it lively and welcoming, invite the warmer crowd first instead of your clients. Send notifications to your family and friends via Facebook. Choose those who know you and would willingly support your business. Once they like your brand page, it becomes visible to their friends, which might send more fans and potential clients your way. Additionally, you can send a friendly email detailing what the brand page is about as well as the type of content you will be posting. With the help of these methods, you should get your first 100 fans within no time and give the page an improved look.

Promote your brand page on other social media channels

With the growth of your brand Facebook page, you will have access to endless options for extending your online presence. You should charge onwards if the first 100 fans already liked your brand page and you are posting updates to ensure the page stays active.

•    Set up an email campaign to inform clients about the new Facebook page that makes keeping in touch and getting updated a lot easier. Aside from building up your mailing list and keeping you organized, email marketing services can provide actual information on the performance and success rate of your email campaign.

•    Although it’s a new online advertising strategy, Facebook Ads can enhance your presence on social media when done right. With a variety of advertisements available, you can promote anything including your website and Facebook posts.

Network and build new relationships

A brand Facebook page is more about engaging with your potential clients and less about promoting your products. You need to ensure your brand page gets noticed well beyond your immediate circles if you want to attract more business. Go out and find your prospective fans instead of waiting and hoping they will come to you. Visit the other Facebook pages that might interest your target audience and participate in the conversation.

Visiting pages that offer wedding gowns in your locality and engaging in the conversation is a good strategy if you provide catering services for events. Your presence might be of use and welcome since your audiences overlap without being in competition. If you are in doubt, reach out to the owner privately and ask for permission. In this way, you can build a new connection, network, or run joint promotions.

Connect your site with Facebook

Since a well-managed and engaging Facebook page might do wonders for your marketing efforts, you need to enhance your social media presence using your website and vice versa. Aside from connecting the two platforms, make sure your fans and clients enjoy a smooth user experience.