2018 Logo Design Trends: The Ultimate Guide

A logo is a symbol that represents a brand and all that it stands for. Logos should stand out and be memorable to anyone who sees them. It can be a shape; symbol or phrase customers can identify with. Logos should be versatile because they will be used in a lot of the companies’ official papers, social media, packaging, and company website. Logos should be simple and straightforward to avoid confusion in the message that is being sent.

In recent years, the competition to make an eye-catching logo is growing because we live in a visual age. These days almost everything can be displayed on a screen. Companies work hard to ensure that whatever is displayed about their brand is of the highest quality and interesting to its viewers, readers, and clients. Logos form a very crucial part of a visual brand presentation. Here are some logo designs that will be in style during 2018.

Fun and Creative

Fun logos sell faster than anything other than sex. People are ready to have fun and fun logos bring the fun to a company. They can be in the form of cartoons, people, images or even buildings. These kind of designs are lively and attract people like an open invitation to enjoy themselves. Sometimes these logos come in the form of short animations, for example, some of Nickelodeons logos are animations.  The company that uses the fun and creative approach to designing its logo must be Google. The introduction of Google Doodle has seen many designers play around with the logo to create fun new twists in its design. The approaches range from people, body parts, animations, writing fonts and styles and even the size and arrangement of the letters.

Unique typography

These logos are text-based. What makes them effective is they are straight to the point and simple. Examples of typography logos include Coca-Cola, Google, Disney, VISA, Gillette just to name a few. There are modern forms of typography like split typography, chaotic typography, and handwritten typography.

Split typography involves splitting letter as a way of design, but the letters are still legible. This creates uniqueness in the letters and beauty to the overall logo. Examples of split logos include IBM whose logo is composed of horizontal lines that spell IBM. Handwritten logos add authenticity to the logo. They are done by hand and they are not as neat as printed letters which are essentially the desired effect. There are professionals who are well versed in making handwritten logos. An example of a handwritten logo is Virgin Atlantic’s logo and Cadburys chocolate logo.

Chaotic typography is achieved by arranging the characters of a logo in an orderly disorganized manner. The words are legible but they are not arranged in a straight line. The logo can be handwritten to add the beauty of the design. An example is the circus restaurant and bar logo.

Geometric designs

This types of logos can be mesmerizing. The lines intertwine to form beautiful shapes and patterns. When colour is added to the pattern, the effect is mind-blowing. The development of graphic design software has seen designers come up with complicated designs that are neat and eye-catching.

The patterns can be layered to create new patterns and neat, clean designs.  Some examples include Adidas, Channel, The Olympics logo, Mitsubishi. The Olympics logo contains five interlocked circles with three on the upper line and two at the bottom line. The logo also has five different colours which make it stand out more.

Architectural logo designs

This is a classic designer go-to style. Architectural logos are neat, clean and easy to relate to. Their simplistic nature makes them easy to remember. They are easy to use on social medium profiles because they can be recognized easily. They are used to symbolize stability. For example, a construction company can use a house with large columns as a logo.

Layering of Pattern and Color

Layered letters and colors is a sophisticated technique that layers letters with colors in a subtle manner. The letters may be layered over each other or with different colors. Letter positioning is part of layering. They can be placed strategically to form a beautiful layout. A good example is the MTV music channel logo. The M is large and bold and the TV is on top of the M. Another example is the Volkswagen Logo. The V is directly above the W and all that is wrapped up in a circle. This is a simple logo made of two letters and a circle yet it always appears stylish on the front of vehicles. This design is popular in the vehicle manufacturing industry probably because the logos look good when they are made of metal. Hyundai has executed this simple technique to form a unique logo. The logo is an H inside an oval. Lexus has an L inside a circle but a little bit to the right.

Digital paintbrush designs

The designs offer a wide range of options for logos. Digital paint brushes can combine a lot of colors in the creation of a logo. The logo designs can be shapes, symbols or just simple phrases like “positive vibes”. An example of a paintbrush logo can be a G-clef for a musical company. Examples include Bang-rang logo and Subway logo.

Grid-Based Designs

These designs use a grid as the framework for the logos. Other elements of the logo are added to the grid to give it more character. Grid logos are fun to design and designers can play around with the grid to form a good logo. Some of the elements that can be factored into the logo include shapes like squares and circles, colors, lines and characters. Examples include Mercedes Benz logo, Canon, and Bing

These logo designs have been used to make logos for global companies. The designs may be simple but they offer a lot of room for adjustments which is what any creative designer should be looking for. To create a versatile design, need a style that can be presented in very many different forms from paper to digital display. With these designing styles, you are set to create fantastic logos in 2018. Add a few twists here and there and some color for that extra punch.