13 Reasons to Move Your Store to BigCommerce

The eCommerce space is changing at an alarming rate. This situation has been forcing many eCommerce businesses to do all they can to keep up with the changes or risk being obsolete with time. On the other hand, first generation platforms are also facing a hard time trying to match the emerging needs of the modern eCommerce world. If your current platform is experiencing certain problems like store performance issues, marketing incapabilities, high maintenance cost as well as lack of technology upgrades and platform updates among others, it is time to think about re-platforming.

With most companies now considering migrating to other e-commerce platforms as a viable move, there is still the question of where to shift to due to the availability of numerous platforms. BigCommerce is one of the recommended choices with more than 100,000 live eCommerce stores. Here are some compelling advantages of this platform that will make you consider it for re-platforming your website:

1. Excellent Support

When operating an online store, you need a platform that offers excellent customer support. With BigCommerce, you can be assured of around the clock or 24/7 support to help you deal with issues when they arise. The BigCommerce University will give you access to numerous informative videos and tutorials that can assist you in using the platform. Migrating to this eCommerce platform gives you the desired peace of mind to help you operate your business efficiently.

2. Payment Gateways

Payment gateways entail all merchant services offered by eCommerce app service providers that authorize direct or credit card payments. Some of the major ones include Amazon Pay, Stripe, and PayPal among many others. The beauty of migrating to BigCommerce is that it supports more than 60 payment gateways. As such, you can easily integrate major payment gateways to your site with this platform in a bid to give your customers a convenient shopping experience. While most payment gateways charge a certain transaction fee, BigCommerce does not. Hence, it allows your customers to save some money.

3. Time


In the eCommerce space, time is of the essence. Your site generates revenue only when it is live.  Therefore, this means that you need to migrate to a site that will get your website operational in no time so that you can begin amassing a stronger customer base, revenue, and data. BigCommerce is ideal for a fast and seamless re-platforming process thanks to its template-based structure. The platform allows quick transfer of all your order history and products from any other eCommerce platform, allowing you to save not only time but also money.

4. User-Friendly/Ease-of-Use

BigCommerce is developed with the idea that you have better things to do instead of devoting your attention to figuring out how to use the platform after migrating. Thanks to BigCommerce’s fast setup time, you can get your shopping cart up and running easily and quickly. For instance, the platform’s basic pages including blog sections, about us, product page, home page, and product categories are easy to set up. Also, the template structure makes everything straightforward and efficient. Furthermore, no manipulation of the website’s back-end is required, as you can easily import all the data into the already available templates. Here are other reasons why BigCommerce prides itself as a user-friendly platform:

– Easy to add other Features. Features that boost conversions and revenue such as abandoned cart recovery programs, social media integration, and single-page checkout can easily be downloaded with a simple click. What this means is that you cannot only analyze your data but also incorporate such extensions when the need for them arises. When it comes to other eCommerce platforms, you may need a skilled developer to custom-code and integrate these features.

– PCI compliance and security implementations also come standard in this eCommerce platform. You can implement these extra necessities without having to involve experts in ensuring that your site or online store is compliant and secure.

– Easy site management. After your site is live on BigCommerce, managing it becomes flawless, as you can do it on your own. The platform’s admin panel requires no instruction or training. Furthermore, you can carry out site maintenance tasks by easily manipulating the categories, data, and filters without the need to recruit an expert.

5. Affordability and No Hidden Charges

Aside from being among the most renowned eCommerce platforms in the world, BigCommerce is also among the most affordable ones. It also has a relatively low cost compared to other available platform options. BigCommerce is cost-efficient across the site development process and after it goes live. The platform calls for minimal development and customization since most of the required features are integrated into the templates. As a hosted platform, the costs involved in setting up an eCommerce store such as security, support services, and hosting are included in the monthly bill. You compare the entire cost of using an on-premise solution versus a Software-as-a-Service platform using the Total Cost of Ownership Calculator here.

6. Awesome Product Syndication

With BigCommerce as your preferred eCommerce platform, you can enjoy increased traffic to your website thanks to shopping feeds and product syndication. It allows easy connection with eCommerce platforms as well as enabling you to take advantage of some of the popular shopping feeds in the E-commerce space such as Google product search and Shopzilla.

7. Supports Major Shipping Providers


BigCommerce supports all the leading shipping providers. In case you are considering migrating to a new platform, the shipping aspect ought not to be overlooked. What this means is that BigCommerce will help you provide your customers with a convenient and reliable shipping experience. Customers can get their ordered goods or products within the stipulated period as long as they are located within your specified shipping regions.

8. Easily Customizable

Irrespective of whether you have a large or small online store, you can easily customize it based on your preferences or tastes after it goes live on BigCommerce. The platform’s application programming interface (API) can help you code in your desired language. As such, you do not have to worry about bringing an entirely different feel and look to your website. Even though it has a few free themes to help you customize your website, they are available for downloading and can be edited offline.

BigCommerce also comes with a smooth and modern interface. Apart from its easy to use admin dashboard, it allows flawless navigation. With several clicks, you can create staff accounts, add inventory, process orders and add product categories among others.

9. Improved Customer Loyalty

With this platform, achieving increased customer loyalty is possible, particularly thanks to its ability to create coupon codes, promotions, and gift cards. Furthermore, it gives you the flexibility to disseminate such cards when and how you want. In turn, this will allow you to structure your marketing strategies in a manner that considerably benefits your enterprise.

10. Seamless Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


If you are considering eCommerce re-platforming, do not forget to look at the search engine optimization aspect of the new platform. E-commerce SEO entails making sure that your site’s product pages feature among the top organic search engine results. The advantage of BigCommerce is that it boasts a wide array of search engine optimization (SEO) friendly tools including meta tags, custom page titles, sitemaps, and custom 301 redirects. With such tools and many others, what would stop you from boosting your rankings?

11. Remarkable Product Filtering Qualities


When running an online store, you do not want to give your customers a hard time locating the desired products. Hence, product filtering is a crucial aspect to consider when migrating your site to a different platform. BigCommerce is well-aware that this aspect is vital when it comes to boosting conversation rates. Hence, the platform ensures that customers can search for products by price, brand, size, and color, allowing them to narrow down their search processes.

12. Sell your Products on Different Marketplaces

BigCommerce gives you the flexibility of selling your products on other websites such as Facebook, eBay, and Amazon among many others. Since some of these sites such as Amazon are globally renowned online shopping sites, you may not want to miss them. They will help you to not only create a customer list but also drive traffic to your site. Selling on social media sites like Facebook introduces a social aspect into how you conduct your online marketing and sales activities.

13. Managing Returns

Have you thought about a platform that can help you manage returns before migrating? Well, BigCommerce can allow you to do so with its easy-to-use inventory management interface. This aspect will help you in not only fostering customer loyalty but also boosting customer satisfaction.

Before you migrate from one eCommerce platform to another, remember that the process calls for planning and commitment. In fact, there is a myriad of tiny details you ought to consider such as data management. However, do not let fear prevent you from re-platforming your website. Instead, think about all the benefits you stand to gain as shown above, especially when you migrate to BigCommerce. Aside from helping you keep pace with the current development in the e-commerce space, you will gain a competitive edge over other businesses.